the #god of #Judaism and #Islam is a #globalist

2.26: relig/the god of Judaism and Islam is a globalist:
. Judaism's bible is an important contribution
to the study of how the god uses us .
. the god fattened the Hebrews in a friendly Egypt
then drove them out with a slaving Egypt
in order to build their numbers and desperation
in order to bring new law to the land of Canaan .
. you'd think we would want to use the bible
to warn our children about the forces of supernature
not just worship it as if it was the right thing to do .
. Islam was the perfect test of the idea
the god is all about law and justice:
Islam followed all the Mosaic law plus other "godly" limits,
so when Muslims took over Promised land
Jews were supposedly hit for ignoring the god's prophets
-- Jesus and Islam's Final Prophet .
Muslims basically claimed to be the next Chosen People .
. even the prophets Jews did recognize
(after persecuting them) were telling them
you will get conquered by the same god
that lead you to be conquerors of the sinners,
and the reason must be that
you too have been sinners .
. it should seem obvious that the god loves evolution
and promotion of the strongest
until there is something so strong
that it can keep the entire world from
developing any independent strength .
. that time is coming soon,
we have all the weapons of mass destruction,
powers of pervasive global surveillance,
and the robotics to ensure allegiance to our elite .
. now all we need is that final war
that puts one winner in charge .