#Israel protects #Judaism against #liberalism

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/#Israel protects #Judaism against #liberalism:
I am so eager to ask Ron Mizrachi
to help a North American understand how
"North American Judaism" is "failing miserably,
and nearing death throes soon to be replaced by liberalism"
(my motivation: I thought "North American Judaism"
was our only chance of avoiding WWIII by Fall 2016);
so I am ready to accept Zionism is needed
if you can show me usa liberalism corrupts Judaism;
but, perhaps I can answer my own question here:
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Ron Mizrachi · Top Commenter · Tel Aviv, Israel
Philip Torrance You don't need to hear it from me,
consult every expert on the topic regarding assimilation,
ties to Judaism etc etc in North America.
Maybe you missed the fact this is a top crisis
for North American Jewry leaders the past 10 years.
Google is your friend.
Yesterday at 5:40am
North American Jewry assimilation crisis:
. a landmark study had found that
young American Jews are growing increasingly
estranged from Judaism.