#schizophrenia as god-mediated caste control?

8.24: 12.31: psy/schiz/god-mediated caste control?:
. a common time to become schiz'ic
is when transitioning to another social level,
such as trying to enter a major in college,
quitting substance abuse upon growing up,
moving from lower to the upper class,
or even from childhood to adolescence .
. schiz'ia is caused by the Holy spirit
intervening as a spiritual father
teaching one how to be totally honest
by revealing secrets through telepathy .
. the Holy spirit may organize a caste system
and give loyalty to the upper castes
in order to maintain some plan;
but schiz'ia doesn't hit every upward social move?
maybe some know what they are doing
(pledging allegiance to a group)
or they are highly sought
for the position they are entering ?
... but more likely it's as simple as
when moving to a new social position
you might not be aware telepathy exists,
and as you move, your subcon'mind realizes
other subcon'minds don't approve of
the secrets or attitudes you're holding;
ie, the key to not showing "delusions of telepathy"
is to have been basically loyal to
the caste or social group you are entering,
or to have been of sufficient emotional intelligence
so as to not warrant any fathering interventions
by the Holy spirit .