teachers DMT & schizophrenia

13: news.psy/Jan Kounen`Other Worlds (Ayahuasca):
. my notes from watching co.youtube#8Recon8
Jan Kounen`Other Worlds (Ayahuasca).

. Ayahuasca is a herbal form of DMT
which can totally separate the mind from body;
the body is a refuge:
a truly free mind can be in hell
just as easily as in heaven;
but the body is there to arbitrate
to mercifully limit experience .
. a shaman reminds prospective tourists,
it helps to have a pure mind?
that reminds me of schiz'ia:
the difference between learning and burning,
is what you happened to have been doing
before telepathy walked into your life,
before you had to join the communal mind,
and share everything you had done .

. I was afraid of what I might think?
no, I was just possessed by a thought;
but, I've been possessed by thoughtlessness:
thoughts I assumed were me,
became actions meant for separating me;
and here I am now, together with everyone .
. if only I were pure, I could relax,
when I join the communal mind .

Kestenbetsa's shamanic chants:
. I'll open your thoughts
by doing so, I'll straighten your thoughts,
by doing so, I'll straighten your body;
now, I'll heal you to the depths of your heart,
by doing so I'll fill you with immense joy
by doing so I'll return life to your body
and to your thoughts .
. I'll heal your being, your body
with the powerful essence of the
tree and the universe;
so you are joyous, remember my words;
so you remember them, I will chant them;
though I am small,
I made your thoughts shine
the universe is in harmony
the word is and ever will be .