anti-christ war 3.23

pol/purges/wwIII/anti-christ war 3.23:
. march 23rd was said to be significant 
"Celestial Sign could mark the beginning of the end"
and so I gathered some news for that day .

30: news: all Israeli embassies pulled on 3.23:
Israeli diplomats are part of a union;
their Foreign Ministry’s workers committee
declared a full-fledged strike on 3.23
that means  --[ for the first time ]--
closing all embassies "indefinitely" 
-- redflagnews:
Israel recently threatened to “destroy”
those that would attack them [Iran?]
and a global pull-out could very well mean
Israel expects World War III to break out
and is acting accordingly.
/March 23, 2014- Something Big Happening! 
Celestial Sign could mark the beginning of the end
.March 23, 2014
- Add three and a half years or 42 month's
and takes us to prophesy ?
amerdreamduh 119-ministries-daniel-unsealed
2014 Passover ... 2015 Sukkot Tetrad:
-- Passover begins April 14
. ongoing anti-christ war .
[. Holiday BloodMoon Tetrads correlate with
events significant to the nation of Israel;
this is when the Israel military
does something that leads to the use of
superweapons inflicting global plagues
during the "10 days of Awe" .]

28: web:  so what else happened on 3.23?
. it's been more than two weeks since
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished.
. tonight, President Obama will depart from Europe
to try and solidify support against Vladimir Putin.
MICHAEL CHERTOFF:Well, I think one of the questions is
whether the Malaysians were completely forthcoming
about what they saw in terms of radar... .
... "And after 9/11, when we thought so much about
aviation security," I think there are
"new things that we need to learn from here":
... now increasingly we face the question of
what we call "inside threats."
What do you do when [insiders] become a problem?
It could be pilots, it could be members of a crew,
we've seen a variation of that with Snowden.
So I think the issue of screening
and understanding when people are going off the rails ...
is going to become more of an issue .
... the latest on the crisis in Ukraine.
Russia is in control of Crimea. And tonight,
President Obama will depart from Europe to try and
solidify support against Vladimir Putin.
I spoke earlier to Mike Rogers, Republican Chairman of the
House Intelligence Committee.
He was in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
... As you have been in Ukraine and are thinking about
Vladimir Putin and Russia, the mission of U.S. intelligence
is to think about what happens next.
So what is President Putin going to do next?
... I think we're a bit removed from this, David.
I talked to an individual who was kidnapped
by the Russians, he believes.
His ear was cut off, he had nails put in his hand
in a crucifix type of position
in order to get a confession from him
that the Americans were behind the upheaval in Ukraine.
. And this is who we're dealing with.
So they took over Crimea, you see that they've
taken over another base yet today.
And it certainly appears ... that Putin is
not done in Ukraine. And so it is very troubling.
I think Americans are so far removed from this.
We need to re-engage in what is actually happening.
You have individuals who are for independence
and their own personal liberty,
fighting against a country that wants to take them over.
And one of the reasons they
took to the streets in the beginning
was corruption, oppressive corruption.
... We're talking about small arms
so they can protect themselves.
Maybe medical supplies, radio equipment,
things that they can use to protect themselves,
defensive-posture weapon systems. ...
We need to be a little bit tougher with Putin
or he is going to continue to take territory
to fulfill what he believes is rightfully Russia.
... if it gets to the Baltics,
we have allowed people who want to be
free, independent, have self-determination,
and we've turned our back and walked away from them.
The world did that once, [WWII]
and it was a major catastrophe.
"On the issue of the N.S.A. surveillance
... you were suggesting that Edward Snowden
may have been a Russian spy"?
... He is actually supporting in an odd way
this very activity of brazen brutality
and expansionism of Russia.
He needs to understand that.
And I think Americans need to understand that.
We need to put it in proper context.
[ speaking of context:
Americans need to understand that
the Russians have done nothing more than
help the Crimean state secede from
its union with Ukraine;
and Crimea's reason for it
was to preserve their language -- a good cause --
after Ukraine voted to de-officialize
the majority language in Crimea.]
Mitt Romney speaks out on Ukraine
and American leadership.
and we'll talk [about the missing flight 370]
to Dave Galo who led the underwater team
that found the wreckage of the Air France plane
that had been lost at sea for two years.
. quoting PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA (2012): 
"A few months ago when you were asked
what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America
you said Russia. Not al Qaeda, ..."
I'm sure, [Romney], you're tempted this morning to say,
I told you so, but do you really believe
that what happened in Ukraine
had anything to do with what President Obama ?
Well, there's no question, but that the President's
naivety with regards to Russia
and his faulty judgment about Russia's intentions and objectives
has led to a number of foreign policy challenges that we face
... in the Ukraine as well as
the things that you're seeing in Syria.
. we really need to understand that Russia has
very different interests than ours,
this is not fantasy land, this is reality:
They're not our enemy But they are certainly
an adversary on the world stage .
... Russia is going to push against us in every possible way.
They have been doing it. Look, they blocked for many years
the toughest sanctions against Iran.
They stand with Assad and Syria.
They stand with Kim Jong-un in--in North Korea.
They link with some of the world's worst actors.
They've sent a battleship into the Caribbean and to Cuba.
They harbor Edward Snowden.
All these things are designed to say,
hey look, we're pushing against United States.
They are our geo-political adversary.
And this is a playing field where we're going to determine
whether the world is going to see freedom
and economic opportunity
or whether the world is going to see authoritarianism ... .
huge mudslide on eve of 3.23:
. caused by groundwater saturation from recent heavy rainfall.
. the area has a history of unstable land:
a slide also happened there in 2006.
Forecasters warned that flooding was also possible
north of [at the top of] the slide area.

Family Days ends 3.23:
. the National Cherry Blossom Festival
will be held Thursday, March 20
through Sunday, April 13.
. activities on Saturday & Sunday, March 22-23
includes Family Days at the National Building Museum .
details of 3.23 Festival events:
# Family Days. Hands-on activities for children
and performances that celebrate spring
and explore Japanese arts and design.
# CineMatsuri:
. The first Japanese film festival in the nation’s capital
will host a screening of “Seven Souls in the Skull Castle”.Landmark E Street Cinema .
The year is 1590, the 18th year of the Tensho era.
After the demise of national unifier ODA NOBUNAGA,
Japan's unification efforts continue under TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI. 
However, in the Kanto region
the Skull Clan leader defies unification ( TenmaOh, Mirai MORIYAMA).
. the Skull Clan (KANTO DOKURO-TO), 
is hiding in Skull Castle (DOKURO-JO).
. the Hero (SUTENOSUKE Shun OGURI),
rescues a woman chased by the Skull Clan.
To hide and shelter the woman,
Hero meets a BrothelConnection (MUKAIYA RANBE,
Taichi SAOTOME at a brothel district).
. people congregated in the Kanto region
as if "manipulated by magical fate, the seven souls of nobody".
When the shared past between Hero and BrothelConnection
and their relation to Skull Clan leader
come to light,
[ the brothel gets a lot of employees from
those seeking protection from gangs? ]
the dark ambition of Skull Clan leader is revealed.
Hero and his seven souls
[the flash mob coordinated by magic]
head for Skull Castle,
to stop Skull Clan's dark ambition.
In 2004, there were 2 live versions:
ver. RED -- AKA-DOKURO (“Red Skull”) --
was staged in the Spring
followed by ver. BLUE in the Fall.