#green #ethanol coffee vending with less wait

2.19: gear/coffee vending drive thru':
Starbucks Africa Kitamu Coffee, Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3). is there a portable coffee machine?
for something that's so easy
to micro-localize
why are people spending gas in
long drive thru's
-- as the way to start every day,
all of them at the same time ?
. perhaps some use coffee only for the job,
or see that minimizing ownership
has the same advantages as leasing cars
or going to cloud computing .

. some drive-thru's feature fresh roast?
that would not be so easy to match .
do these drive-thru's use gas heat?
that would be much cheaper than
the user's electric appliance .

. less gasoline use would reduce cancer rates;
so, perhaps the best idea is proaction
not unlike the carbon tax [3.7: except that
oil users pay more than ethanol
(that information would be on your card).]
. we could give free loans to drive-thru's
for expanding the number of concurrent lanes;
people who have a debit card
get a cheaper rate than if they have need
more time for getting the correct change .
[3.7: (plus they can save
getting verified as ethanol users)]
token based:
. most of the transaction time is spent on
ordering and paying;
so, instead of expensively duplicating
the pickup station,
there are many automated vending stations
that give you a token with an order#,
then you give the pickup station .
. many vendors could share the same
token service;
it works like app's sharing a computer;
each vendor has their own icon on main menu;
that is leading to their own menu .
. searches could also find items;
instead of "(what do you have),
there's "(what is there like ...)? .