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2.21: news.health/oral sex (on either sex)
raises risk of throat cancer:
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Oral Sex is The Leading Cause for Rise in Throat Cancer
 Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Editionby VR Sreeraman on February 21, 2011
. there are 150 types of hpv
(human papillomavirus),
and about 40 of those
can be sexually transmitted,
some of those cause cancers  .
-- Diane Harper, University of Missouri;
-- Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, UC, San Francisco .
Researchers have found a 225% increase
in oral cancer cases in usa from 1974 to 2007,
Life Extension Se-methylselenocysteine 200 Mcg Capsules, 100-Countpredominantly among
young white males .
. those who performed oral sex
on six or more partners
face an eight-fold higher risk
of acquiring HPV-related  cancers
than those with fewer than six .
New England J Medicine 2007 HPV
. of 100 men and women newly diagnosed with
cancer of of the throat, tonsils and tongue,
those who had evidence of
prior oral HPV infection
had a 32-fold increased risk of throat cancer.
A vaccine is available which protects against
cervical cancer caused by HPV strains 6, 11, 16 and 18,
and also against genital warts .
what is it about promiscuity? networking depth
# Zimbabwe married men:
40 % reported having had an extramarital partner
within the past year .
# Nigerian:
. a majority of the married men
and one-third of the married women
reported they had a extramarital partner .
Edgar Winans, UW anthropologist:
Adultery occurred in lots of traditional
African rural societies for a long time,
but in many villages it was disapproved,
so it was risky behavior
[since it was not tracked,
and involved many more targets
than one would publicly date .]
In the city there's much less check on behavior,
and African cities have attracted
large numbers of singles.
. prostitution (ie, sex with strangers) is common .
Myth of Promiscuity in Africa:
2001 Durex Global Sex Survey conducted among
18,500 sexually active and inactive individuals
in 28 countries .
# age of starting sex is 18:
Solgar - Se-Methylselenocysteine 200 mcg Vegetable Capsules - 60{ Americans(16 to 20): 16
, Americans(25 to 34): 18
, Chinese: 22
# number of sexual partners is 7.7:
Se-methylselenocysteine, 200Mcg, 100 Caps{ Nigerians: 4.2
, South Africans: 8.2,
, Americans: 14.2
} --[
. this reminded me of why prostitution
could matter;
prostitution allows hundreds to share
the same source;
whereas in a friend network,
it's possible to have fewer
transitive connections .
. in the best case, americans with 14 partners
are actually part of a closed system
-- virtually in a class-room sized
communal marriage .
ie, even though the 1st degree
number of relations is 14,
the 2nd degree is zero .
. whereas if prostitutes were involved with strangers,
the 2nd degree becomes hundreds .]