politics of bike lanes

2.21: news.pol/bike lanes/zombie issue:
. this paper: why bike lanes and paths aren't the answer,
is hoping to demand equal rights for hpv's
Human-Powered Vehicles. we need to plan cities around hpv's;
(human-powered vehicles);
this is sad .
hpv's should be electric-assisted
and enclosed (velomobile)
so that the physically disabled
can use the same vehicles .
. safe, weatherproof, eco-friendly,
economical and healthy:
universally usable transportation .
the automotive x-prize winner has a good start;
that car is light eno for pedaling to be meaningful .
. it should also perfect suspension systems
so that we can forever be rid of flat tires .
why bike lanes and paths aren't the answer:
League of American Bicyclists:
. bike paths along roadways:
# economics:
It is difficult, if not impossible in most locations,
to design a safe [side path]-style
separated bicycle facility .
# accidents occur at intersections:
every driveway or side road is an intersection;
and side paths enormously complicate those intersections
in ways that impact safety...Bicycle Accidents: Biomedical, Engineering and Legal Aspects
Facility Relative Danger Index
-- likelihood of experiencing a crash
On-street bike lanes (BL) 0.41
Signed bike route only (BR) 0.51
Major streets w/o bike facilities 0.66
Minor streets w/o bike facilities 0.94
Multiuse trail 1.39
Off-road/unpaved 4.49
Other (most often ‘sidewalk’) 16.34
what to tell your gov:
# eliminate on-street parking:
thereby freeing up two lanes of road width
making it easier for cars to share lanes with bikes
# more radials aka roundabouts .