repairing a recumbent exercycle

6.30: mis.gear/exercycle/chair`stem`weld failed:
. the Marcy exercycle's seat weld failed!
and, inspecting the weld area,
the reason is obvious:
they had the weld strengths reversed:
they needed only light tacks
in the back,
but a good strong seam in the front
because that is getting
a lot of lift pressure;
instead there were only
2 tack welds in the front,
so when the front tacks snapped apart,
then the seat pitched backwards about half a foot .

6.30: proj.gear/exercycle/
recovery from chair`stem`weld failure:

. repair should be a further modification
so that the cycling device can be mixed
with your choice of seat .
. I'm replacing the broken seat with an office chair .
. this version of the exercycle was quite modular,
so, the piece that was in the way
was easily removable .
seat replacement
. the office chair's central post
comes down an inch farther than the legs
so it was placed to one side of the boom
(the body that connects the 2 pairs of legs,
a pair of T-shapes connected into an I-shape ).
. the boom is too high,
and the chair won't remain flat on the floor?
maybe I can lower the boom by removing the rear legs?
rear legs removed to lower boom
but from the middle of the boom,
there's a knob extending an inch to the ground
(not removable, the weld is likely excellent ...);
knob on boom holds it up
so, while the chair's legs could be on the floor,
the front legs were dangling in the air?
use the pair of 2x4's to support the raised front legs .
2x4's added to raise front legs