prof.Derber's clarion call

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prof.Derber's clarion call:

. jerry doyle's guest is prof.Derber:
he has a book about surplus population?
yes: The Surplus American:
How the 1% is Making Us Redundant
(co-authored with Yale R. Magrass, Hillary Marshall)

Derber's other books?

. he did one with Ralph Nader (2000):
Corporation Nation: How Corporations
are Taking Over Our Lives
-- and What We Can Do About It

. and one with Noam Chomsky (2003):
People Before Profit:
The New Globalization in an Age of
Terror, Big Money, and Economic Crisis .

in 2009 there's his communitarian solution:
the The Wilding of America
"( The American Dream champions
individualism. But at what price?
In this timely revision of
The Wilding of America,
Charles Derber chronicles the latest
incidents of "wilding" - extreme acts
of self-interested violence and greed -
that signal an eroding
of our moral landscape .
Despite this ever-increasing emphasis on
individualism in America,
Derber offers a communitarian alternative
that is as inspiring as it is instructive. )
in 2010, his book Greed to Green
Solving Climate Change
and Remaking the Economy

sees climate change as
capitalism's time bomb,
certain to explode unless we rapidly
transform our economy and create a new
green American Dream.
. there is hope in the financial meltdown
and Great Recession we are now suffering.
because this crisis has raised
deep questions about Wall Street
and the US capitalist model.
description of The Surplus American:
"( "The Surplus American" vividly presents
a future where increasing numbers of Americans
will be rendered jobless and redundant.
Exploring the ongoing crisis of surplus people today,
authors Charles Derber and Yale Magrass
show that the jobless are merely the tip of the iceberg.
Drawing on the work of economists
and highlighting new trends,
the book identifies a number of primary groups
within the category of surplus,
including the underemployed,
people forcibly removed
or induced to leave the labor force, retirees,
people involved in make-work
by government or business,
those hired to control the unemployed,
as well as those employed to
boost consumption and manage unrest.
Derber and Magrass argue persuasively
that a majority of the US public
is now part of the surplus population
and constitutes an economic and social category
that is a crucial and integral underside
of our capitalist economy.
Offering a timely analysis of current social movements
such as Occupy Wall Street,
the authors conclude that they are essential
not only to solving the crisis of surplus people
but also to redirecting an economy driven by
outsourcing, new technology,[automation]
and global corporate strategy. )
Charles Derber is Professor of Sociology
at Boston College.

Yale R. Magrass is a Chancellor Professor of Sociology
at the University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth,
where he teaches social theory, political sociology,
and the social impact of science and technology.

Hillary Marshall @ LinkedIn
September 2011 – Present (11 months)
Co-author, and Co-editor to principal authors
Charles Derber and Yale Magrass at
"The Surplus American:
Why the 1% Are Making Us Redundant",
and a Research Assistant at
Environmental Justice Action Media
. due to be released Aug 2012 .