the oneness of good and evil

co.apt/relig/bible/the oneness of good and evil:
. in the bible, they portray god as
the reason for homo'intolerance:
they're saying it's not a rational hate, not of us .
. indeed, god and devil are portrayed by some prophets
as being one and the same thing;
but other prophets do refer to a devil
as if it's a separate entity;
so that may have been simply showing that
ideas about god have changed
across generations of bible writers;
but, I would tend to agree with the first prophet;
because, you can see the oneness of good and evil:
the good of peace tends to fall into
the bad of decadence, weakness, and death;
while the bad of war leads to the goods of
strengthening, survival, and life .

6.11: relig/bible/genesis/
tree of knowledge of good and evil:

. an important concept in knowing good from evil is
much of what is good is arbitrary
and depends only on what we've
agreed to call good vs evil;
ie, being attentive or well-read is often
much more important to social coordination
 than being thoughtful .
keywords: (reptilian, repeatable, fidelity).

6.4: co.apt/relig/we're all right for the wrong reasons:
. christ [as] the devil:
[7.27: the christians support privacy .]
. whose the elite? [why blame it on the rich?!]
privacy is the key (the root of all evil)
would you hide good works under a bushel?
[like Matthew 5:15]
. a republican or a democrat;
the 2 faces as the shield of the one thing,
whatever you do -- good or evil --
you save the game,
[7.27: of  stasis vs evolution,
personal freedom vs cultural survival ]
and feed the eternal dream .