Dr.Williams questioning schiz' theory

6.24: news.psy/schiz/Dr.Williams is correct:
By Paris Williams, PhD
. we still have no clear evidence that schizophrenia
and other related psychotic disorders
are the result of a diseased brain ...
anyone who takes a close look at the actual research
will simply not be able to honestly say otherwise.
And not only does the brain disease hypothesis
remain unsubstantiated,
it has been directly countered by
very well established findings
within the recovery research,
it has demonstrated itself to be
particularly harmful to those so diagnosed
(often leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy),
and is highly profitable to the
pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries
(which likely plays a major role in why it has remained
so deeply entrenched in society for so many years,
in spite of our inability to validate it).
. I think Dr.Williams is correct,
although I didn't find his arguments compelling;
however, there is compelling evidence out there
(and he's got a book on it I bet is interesting).
. in fact, most psychiatrists secretly agree with him;

but, the problem faced by those dealing with schiz'ics
is that schiz'ics are society's outcasts,
and outcasts tend to get into trouble .
. anti-psychotics are a very convenient patch for such trouble;
because, these meds actually do reduce the damage of
drug-induced psychotic states
(hence the chemical imbalance theory)
plus they lower dopamine,
which is both anti-agressive, and demotivating
-- this can only improve the troublemaker,
just like it ensures a well-behaved elder
(the hallmark of aging is reduced dopamine).
. many anti-psychotics are also anti-anxiety,
and in the short-term can be
very helpful when "(delusions) are creating
a lot of fear .
. the damage meds do to schiz'ics
is when we require them:
chronic use causes brain atrophy,
and increases the risk of diabetes
-- just like any other mental retarder .
. we should encourage them to minimize dose,
and find environmental responses
when they become behavioral problems
(as we do for children).
. also, the meds are disabling,
so they clear up that moral grey area
of whether schiz'ics should be given a handout
for having a disability .
. and, the meds are not fun,
so, they reduce the chances of fraud,
where it is claimed that schiz'ia is a problem
simply for the purposes of obtaining a handout .
. can you imagine just being open about this mess?
better that we just say schiz'ia requires meds,
or else give anyone a handout simply for
volunteering and not reproducing .