BHT anti-viral may be anti-cancer?

6.24: news.health/bht:
7.8: summary:
. at lef.org's forum, a note about hepatitis C
mentioned a yahoo health group, BHTcures .
. files they have there include
Fowkes`The BHT Book,
also at projectwellbeing.com .
. if you ever used that for insomnia,
you might be interested in knowing
-- for minimizing liver toxicity --
that it can be absorbed through the skin:
simply mix BHT with mct oil and blend .

. eg, use 5.5 tsp of BHT (16.5 grams)
for a quart (32 fluid ounces) of MCT oil.
Each tablespoon of oil now contains
slightly more than 250 mg of BHT.
There are about 64 tablespoons to a quart.
. I tried adjusting that recipe for higher potency:
. 250mg bht per tsp/2 oil
is done by blending 32oz oil with
2* cup/4 + 3 tbspoon bht .

[6.28: proj:
5.5 tsp means 250mg per 3tsp,
so 6*5.5 = 33 tsp crystals means 250mg per tsp/2 oil .
. 3tsp per tablespoon, cup = 16*3 tsp, cup/4 = 4*3 tsp .
. 33tsp = 2* cup/4 + 3 tbsp .]

. another highlight of the book was purification:

"( Since BHT only needs to be pure enough to meet
food-preservative standards,
where human exposure is only 2 or 5 milligrams,
it may not be pure enough for drug use,
where doses can be 250-1000 mg, or higher.
Impurities that may be well tolerated at 5 mg
may not be so at 50 mg or 500 mg.
This was true of some commercial B6
manufactured and distributed in the 60s
which caused peripheral neuropathy
when taken at doses 25 to 250 times the RDA levels.
Although this neuropathy was (and still is)
attributed to vitamin B6 itself
by misinformed authorities with anti-supplement agendas,
manufacturers solved the problem by using higher purity .
. if you react badly to BHT,
use activated charcoal to absorb the
low-molecular weight impurities .
The longer time you leave them together,
the more impurities are absorbed.
A significant amount of BHT will also be absorbed
(the charcoal does not just absorb the impurities,
it absorbs everything in roughly equal amounts).
So you will loose a significant amount of BHT
in the purification process.
Since activated charcoal is a remedy for
poisonings that can be taken orally,
there is no need to filter out the charcoal
once it is added to the BHT or BHT-oil mixture.
[and, of course, it's just as safe applied to the skin
as taken orally .]) .
. I haven't tried purifying BAC's BHT;
you might need to purify this cosmetics grade variety .

. finally,
if you were considering BHT for its anti-viral activity,
he presents the metabolic theory
explaining why some seem to have
a natural resistance to such things as
herpes and Ebola,
even without assists such as BHT .

. BHT is powerful though:
it does help with 90% of HIV?
and a metabolic diet helps with 99% ??
. I'd like to hear someone else confirm that!

. also of great importance is this news:
"( several kinds of cancer
have been linked to herpes virus;
skin cancer with HSV-1
and cervical cancer with HSV-2.
If herpes virus can lead to cancer,
as most researchers now believe to be so,
BHT can give triple protection against cancer by
1) destroying lipid-containing viruses,
2) scavenging free radicals, and
3) inducing anti-carcinogenic enzymes,
all at the same time .)