pedophile priests protest overpopulation

6.12: relig/christian#catholic/
pedophile-protecting priests may be protesting:

. I've often thought that catholicism has lost its way;
the point of not using sex for sport
has been to protect us from the pitfalls of sex:
irresponsible pregnancies,
and sexually transmitted diseases;
the typical mob reaction to such a culture
is to simply say all sex is deliberate
thereby the tendency to have large families
even among the poor .
. when jesus said there will be poor always,
he was not giving us a pass to wallow in poverty:
the only joblessness should be from disabilities,
not these huge families .
. what if priests thought the same thing?
what if they were muttering among themselves:
"(we pretend like we're in control,
and like the masses are in compliance,
but the amount of sex we tolerate is so abusive
deliberately casting all our children into poverty!)
. what if one way to protest fertile sex
is to keep pushing infertile sex
-- under the table ?
a conservative pattern:
. then again, we could be seeing a pattern here,
where part of promoting [father knows best] culture
is never making a big deal about father failing .
. this has been an obvious problem among the catholics,
but I recently saw a conservative jewish version of it too:
. a jewish woman was protesting the conservatives
because they felt it was counterproductive
to expose cases of incest in jewish homes .