global warming -- getting warm

10.07: co.apt/pol/global warming -- getting warm:
. what if we couldn't help global warming,
because the main heat was coming from earth's core?
the solar magnetism shakes the earth crust,
to release more of it .
. more definitely,
the main problem with policing global warming
is it's basically caused by pop'explosion;
if we did reduce warming, and the pop kept expanding,
what then, are we asked to ride in go carts?
. but usa cars do make it so hard to be thrifty:
if I work an hour how far can I drive?
oh, about 3miles, since your insur'is so high
because you're riding a 2000 lb islamo-class bomb;
what is that 2000 lb about ?
your safety and cheap steel .
. what if we could have aluminum velo'motorcycles;
cycles with sleek shells?
they could get 300mpg, and be comfortable,
out of the weather and wind;
then if we also reduced population,
we could convert food crops to fuel crops,
growing ethanol for our engines, nice clean fuel;
and we'd get less cancer on that clean fuel .