calories-in = calories-out myth

7.12:  health/calories in equals calories out myth:
. some promoters of the theory of
calories in equals calories outWhy We Get Fat: And What to Do About It
explain that non-believers are citing
the myth of negative calorie foods:
that foods vary widely in the amount of
energy they require for digestion .
. while negative calorie foods is a myth
there are valid arguments against the
calories in equals calories out theory:
1: metabolic rates:
. some food vary your metabolic rate:
NOW Foods Mct 100% Oil, 32-Fluid Ounceseg, mct oil is known to enhance thermogenesis;
whereas, some natural food toxins may
suppress metabolic rate;
eg, some potato preparations cause
insulin resistance .[7.31:
. I have only circumstantial evidence
against the splendid spud,
how would you explain its glycemic index
being higher than glucose itself?
my theory is that potato contains
an insulin resistor  that prevents the body
from clearing glucose as rapidly .
. it is known that damaged potato skins
can be toxic,
but I have no data on what in potato
could be an insulin resistor .]
 2: high-insulin mode:
. foods with a high glycemic index
are provoking excessive insulin release;
and high insulin levels can set your body
into fat preserving mode .
. when this mode is sustained by
regular use of a high-glycemic diet
fat is easy to put on, and hart to burn off,
even when you need more energy,
it will instead make you feel tired
to enforce the fat savings policy .
3: ketosis mode:
. Atkins also has well referenced caseAtkins for Life: The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss
that a carb-free, med-free diet
can promote a fat burning mode
that actually dumps calories out
with the feces and urine
as well as making body fat easier to burn .

. while other doctors debate the
healthiness of the Atkins diet,
they have no solid ref'backed counterarguments
to his zero-carb diet = fat burning mode theory
nor to his assertion that
obesity and high insulin mode
is far more dangerous than high fat diets
given the other stipulations of the Atkins diet
are heeded (high anti-oxidants, no peroxidzed oil,
few polyunsaturated fats except fishoil, ...).

. his diet does have medical complications
(kidney stress, ...)
and he does go against prior public medical advice
so, he puts other doctors in a bind
since their patients are now saying:
I need you to watch me do safely
what you warned me was unsafe .
. another complication is that
people cheat on diets,
and if you cheat on a high fat diet with
high-glycemic carbs,
that is a sure heart attack
because the carb's raise insulin,
while sat'fats cause insulin resistance,
thereby causing a very high insulin mode .