frankenberry lives after golfcart nightmare

7.2: news.pol/obama/frankenberry lives after golfcart nightmare:
Franken Berry Cereal 9.6 oz - 4 Unit Pack. on Whad'Ya Know? Live, (RealAudio)
Michael Feldman was asked about
frankenberry cereal being discontinued;
. wiki sources say the strawberry-flavored
corn and marshmallows cereal
is still in production .
. the myth was addressed at retroist.com:
"( Contrary to popular belief
Franken Berry and Boo Berry
have not been discontinued.
They are just not as popular as Count Chocula
so they get a more sporadic nationwide release.
Best time to look for them?
Halloween, of course.)
. similarly themed cereals that were discontinued
# ('83) Fruit Brute:
Monster Cereal TrilogyFrosted fruit-flavored cereal
with lime flavored marshmallows .
with a Werewolf Mascot .
# ('93) Fruity Yummy Mummy:
Frosted fruit-flavored cereal
with vanilla-flavored marshmallows .
. other such cereals still in production
include Count Chocula, and Boo Berry .

General Mills FrankenBerry Cereal, 9.6 oz (Pack of 6). Feldman has been attacked by 
anti-liberals on his show
and our most popular breakfast berry
is the nearly-obama-colored blueberry,
so, it occured to me this was a joke about
Obama's serial presidency plans
 being discontinued .

. in the same program,
'Reckless Golfcart' Wall Decal - 18"W x 18"H Removable GraphicFeldman had a political routine where
callers were asked if they had seen any
congressmen on the road .
. the final entry of that joke sequence
was that Obama and his VP
 were seen on a golfcart
with a sign that read "(fool and tool) .

. the golf cart joke may refer to a ridiculed
tax rebate for road-worthy golfcarts .
. that was back in 2009,
but is painfully relevant now
as a republican congress threatens to
deny raising the debt limit ceiling .
. the golf cart was news again June 18
when the top leaders of both parties
had a round of golf at a time when the hot policy
included the debt ceiling
and the Libya actions that Congress was against .
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