black holes theory is a fraud hiding_gravity_beam_engineering

5.17: news.pol/gemini/black holes are fraud hiding gravity beam engineering:
. when a star meets a "black hole"
it is sucked into something that rotates
and then emits a jet from the spin's axis;
-- this is giving me an idea of what a "black hole" really is:
how can something with so much gravity
not give off EM (electromagnetic) rays?
it is so energetic that all its EM rays cancel each other,
resulting in EM waves being converted to EM pulses;
and, a certain class of EM pulses are gravity beams
(other EM pulses provide anti-gravity and dustification).
. that's why they are making up this idea that
a black hole has gravity so strong it absorbs light;
because the alternative is to believe that
light cancellation can turn into gravity,
leading to a theory that gravity is engineerable .

. to see how beam cancellation can make black holes invisible,
look at radar jamming technology .
. EM pulses are known by Bearden and others as
"longitudinal EM waves";
but Bearden originally refered to them as "scalar EM"
because when EM waves are defined with quaternions
you can see during a wave cancellation
that while the vector parts cancel,
the quaternion's scalar part does not cancel;
and that scalar part represents the absolute magnitude
of a new event that is pulsing instead of waving:
"... we have produced a scalar effect from
zeroing vector operation between electromagnetic forces.
I have called this scalar electromagnetics,
and pointed out that it is truly electrogravitation.
. We stress again that this violates one of the
severely limiting assumptions that Einstein placed
upon his theory of general relativity.
He assumed that curving spacetime [ie, creating gravity beams]
could only be done by the weak gravitational force due to mass.
Since [mass-generated] gravitational force is so weak,
only a stupendous collection of mass
could curve spacetime [ie, create gravity beams]
enough to notice experimentally."