evolution vs intervention theory

4: news.biol/evolution vs intervention theory:
. scientists agree that the human genome is
a copy of a lower primate's genome
with 2 of the chromosomes fused .
. but whereas the scientists say evolution did it,
Lloyd Pye says
nature can't possibly fuse chromosomes;
therefore, we were designed in a lab
by some other intelligent life form .

motherjones`Chris Mooney:
notice chromosome 2. You'll see that in
chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans,
there are actually two smaller chromosomes here
(the Science paper called them 2p and 2q),
but in humans there is just one:
That's because the ancestral equivalents of
chromosomes 2p and 2q were fused together
to become human chromosome 2.
Chromosomes have multiple different regions,
including a telomere at each end;
and one centromere in the middle .
The authors of the 1982 Science paper
said "the telomeric fusion of chromosomes 2p and 2q
accounts for the reduction of the 24 pairs of chromosomes
of the great apes to 23 in modern man";
but we couldn't prove that until
a 2005 paper noted the presence of
"multiple subtelomeric duplications"
in this location (i.e., the expected telomere DNA)
and also the vestiges of a second centromere
on the chromosome that has since been "inactivated" .