Chosen people are highest-tech capitalistic imperialists

16: relig/Judaism/Chosen people are highest-tech capitalistic imperialists:
. we were discussing the idea of
the Jewish people being the chosen ones,
and I was saying that
from what I understood of the Chosen
they Jewish people include anyone who is
an imperialist with the best high tech;
but it's also important to mention capitalism .
. imperialism is the process of globalizing
not only justice, but also evolution
of either military or economic technology .
. the Jewish people of Hebrew descent
are famous for 2 forms of imperialism,
both facilitated by disasters:
. only after escaping from slavery in Egypt
did they have the numbers and the will
to militarily dominate the Promised land;
and when they were expelled from there,
it was again for imperialism,
this time by the use of capitalism:
going out to the world and offering competition,
to see which culture is the most productive
or most valued by the available customers .
. as long as the product relies on human capital,
capitalism will be a competition of the cultures
that discipline the humans being capitalized .
. in the garden of Eden story
people are expelled for eating of the Tree of Knowledge,
that makes them like the god,
knowing that eating of the Tree of Life
will prevent death (and stifle evolution);
the Chosen are encouraged to so multiply
that they cannot fit within their homeland,
so as to compete with foreign cultures
in order to promote evolution,
and give more resources to
those who can make the best use of it .
. Capitalism does with economics
what Fascism does with military might
-- Capitalism is evolution with justice .