Dr.Mercola cured toenail fungus with sandals

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/Dr.Mercola cured toenail fungus with sun and saltwater:
Dr.Mercola didn't need oil on his toes:
I have also struggled with fungal infections
and never found a prescription or natural approach to work
until I started spending my winters
in the subtropics wearing no shoes and
having my toenails receive hours of direct sun exposure
every day [he mentions salt water helped too,
and don't forget the extra bacteria
that compete with the fungus ].
The UV rays were more than enough to solve the problem.
This does take 4-6 months though
of nearly daily sun exposure to work,
in combination with wearing sandals most of the time
so there is no moist environment for the fungus to grow.
One way to reduce your risk of fungal infections
is to cut down on sugar, which feeds the fungi.
[ but Mercola was already doing that
when he developed a fungal infection .]