ice age coming soon

11: news.pol/energy/ice age coming soon:
The 2004 annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union
saw evidence that proved beyond doubt that a
massive and profound global cooling event
happened 5,200 years ago,
and some think it's about to happen again:
Lonnie Thompson is a professor of
geological sciences at Ohio State,
he is also a researcher at
Byrd Polar Research Center.
His specialty is ice core analysis.
This cold period was preceded by a period of warming
that lasted several decades
and by reduced solar activity.
. just like 5,200 years ago,
the Sun is showing the lowest activity for a century.
Predictions for solar cycle 25 are that
there may not be any sunspots at all.
Lonnie Thompson is concerned that
history may be about to repeat itself.
. global cooling will kill hundreds of millions
yet the government is only worried about warming .