NSA backdoors all encryption software

9.18: news.cyb/sec/NSA backdoors all encryption software:
fierce government it`NSA backdoor:
. the NSA's SIGINT (signals intelligence) Enabling Project
covertly influences or overly leverages
the policies, standards and specifications
of the global cryptography marketplace
to make commercial public key technologies
more crackable by the cryptanalytic capabilities
being developed by the NSA and DOD's
Central Security Service.
. it has used a quarter billion dollars yearly
for at least the past 2 years .

. in August 2007, Microsoft cryptologists
Dan Shumow and Niels Ferguson
gave a presentation about a possible backdoor
in one of the techniques contained in
NIST Special Publication 800-90.
. Bruce Schneier commented that
the weakness found by Shumow and Ferguson
could only be described as a backdoor .

. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden,
leaking a top secret document
to The New York Times-ProPublica .
reported that NSA 2006 inserted a backdoor
into the NIST random number generator method .