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12.15: news.pol/purges/
iraq war is ending, and a real war is just beginning:

. NPR was asking the public how they felt
about the usa officially pulling out of iraq today .
. a marine who was one of the first to be
stationed at iraq's sea port, said,
"( what struck me about my job, is that
I had to replace some iraqi guy
who really did want to work
-- who wanted to care for his family ).

. no doubt that iraqi guy was already doing
a perfectly good job at defending that port!
(but the way the marine said it, at first made you assume
that usa hadn't had to take the port;
they just had to keep it secure,
and they could have just managed over the current crew,
but they didn't know how to trust them
(how do you care for your family, really,
when terrorists know you help the other side?))

. those guys wanted to work,
he poetically repeated in several places .
. wow, wasn't that the proverbial
"(your economy is just perfect now;
how do you feel? )!
. this call had at least 2 interesting surprises:
first I was reminded of #OccuppyWallStreet
who were said to be expecting a "(handout) for college;
because, here was a caller representing troops coming home;
and, you know, today's troops are often tomorrow's police
-- the same police having to face #ows protesters .
. then I was reminded that many marines
will be in similar job-hunting curcumstances
-- really wanting some sort of work
after they finish our war tour .
[. and not happy with just a handout .]

. well, trustables who want to work;
so, where will those jobs be?
. being trustworthy only works when you are
willing to pay people for what that trust is worth;
so, the jobs are going to people who
don't need to be trusted!
-- they're overseas, living in caves,
and can't possibly #OccupyWallStreet .

. the last idea from this call
came from the Carter admin':
at that time the military was angry with democrats
for telling the military to take a pay cut
(forgo inflation compensation)
yet the dem's still had plenty of fed money for what?
rolling out to welfare
-- for guys who didn't want to work,
and weren't conscerned about caring for their family .
[ie, the men were shadows to single welfare mom's .]
. remember,
when we as civilization had seen that capitalism was
a good thing,
we hadn't seen  the evolution of tech yet:
tech would be so handy at
increasing our life expectancy globally
(never go hungry, and never get sick ...);
yet, the charitable applicators of tech
would have so little to say about balance:
life is good, just good,
and getting bigger -- but not hungrier ! .

. maybe that's why capitalism is so much about
finding a perpetual reason for war;
not that we're looking for some place to
put all these bodies;
but, really, you need a job don't you?
well, then,
we sure do have a job in security;
[aka: blowback containment ]
because, the other side
is just as unbalanced as we are:
they are terrorists .

. an idea I had while reviewing this
was how our job market's politics could be just like
that iraqi sea port:
you wanted to be an good worker,
doing your best to increase profits for company;
but, you want to care for your family too,
and guess what?
unions want the same thing for you!
. many in the military, those hating the democrats,
will also be hating the unions that fund the dem's;
dem's & unions stole your jobs,
just to put you on welfare,
where you are sure to vote for guess who?
the party of welfare: Democrats .

do you really believe that?
. just remember what the unions didn't
force on you:
having that family in the first place .
. how can everyone just love capitalism
-- and automation, and globalization --
and still love free parenting?
. you don't expect a handout from someone else,
but your parents do expect someone else
to provide that fat american pay check!

. here is where churches could help:
parenting unions need your support;
the parenting union would be the sort of church
that had a Christ-like mission to help children,
unionizing to share the joys and risks of parenting
-- making sure that everyone's
children got tutoring and supervision
all the time . [12.2.5:
. and, for you economic conservatives out there,
parenting unions are the perfect balance against
employment unions -- not by crushing them,
but by making them obsolete; ie:
let the free market work in labor's favor:
where people are scarce,
people are treated just like unions demand .]

"(. how do you care for your family, really,
when terrorists know you work against them?)
was the iraqi worker dilemma .
. what is the moral equivalent of that
right here in the churches of america ?
. what if the devil was the terrorist,
an enemy within .
. you would be told you had to follow the book,
you have to honor your parents,
your ancestors, and your tradition .
. but how do you know your tradition is good;
what is your culture's fruit ?
[. you shall know a tree by its fruit .]
. did you interpret the bible as suggesting
this life is just a test?: "(do your best,
and there'll be Love on the other side of death?)
. was that interpretation obvious,
or was that your culture's?
how do you know your culture is not misguided;
why isn't it the here & now
where your fruits are to be counted?
perhaps because that is something
your culture could never deliver .
. just do your best,
and leave the driving to the -g-d-v-l- .
. at least one prophet of the old book
feared that -g-d- and -d-v-l- were the same .

. the first bible story to reveal
what sort of fruit god wants,
suggested that hunting or animal husbandry
was favored more than farming grains;
but, look at your culture's fruit:
you could never afford god's wish for animal husbandry;
because, the only fruit important to the church
is abundant life: life as thick as flies;
even when the church's security
no longer depends on soldiers .
[12.2.5: partially true:
. you're only chance at a heaven in the real universe
is that the future would learn from your mistake;
or that your war machine would be essential for
driving the tech that would ensure future survival:
the tech to transform our genetics
to survive space travel to new stars .]

. today's security would be greater with
more wealth per person,
not just more soup per open hand .
. the terrorist is asking you to sabotage the true church,
by make parenting unions appear unattractive:
impractical . impossible . follow the book .

. at least one prophet of the old book
feared that -g-d- and -d-v-l- were the same;
but the new book proved g-d is good = love .
. I don't see modern believers being a force of love;
life doesn't have to be rightious -- or pretty --
just put real pressure on
behaviors that really matter .

example# gay sin:
. the main message from the god of the bible,
was that sexual health and cleanliness matter .
. having children is essential,
and is not to be threatened by the germs of promiscuity;
but can your culture demand cleanliness?
no, you would rather wave flags at gay marriage .
. all promiscuity should be seen as a
serious form of drug abuse,
just like we say to marijuana use,
we should be saying to all promiscuity:
"( we're here to be strong,
not pass diseases around ! ).
. worse still,
you encourage promiscuity by
not only supressing the gay sexual orientation
but also encouraging them to breed
while allowing everyone privacy
that is going to ensure an insidious promiscuity
that reaches between communities
of both of the homo- and heter-sexuals  .

. spirituality is about considering
what the spirits could want;
and, what more could spirits want
than a complete universe?
complete universe# eternally evolving civilization:
(needs evolution of technology
 ... (needs war, sickness, emotional insanity, ...));
complete universe# diversity of experience: [12.2.5:
. freedom means what?
. privacy is really for what ?]

. do you think the spirits could have freedom
without that hyper-disciplinarianism
which the g-d-v-l uses only for
driving things into the private life?
. how about less privacy, and more tolerance ?
. it's hard isn't? the emotional enertia of it;
how tolerant can you be of drug use,
before falling down the slippery slope of
some psychological or even physical addiction ?[12.2.5:
. not to mention the race to the bottom:
to be competitive, we'd all have to do
the same life-crushing performance enhancers
as the next working stiff! ]

. when you read my
"( I don't see believers being a force of love);
you might be responding with:
"( well, did you check my afterlife?
and, besides,
there's too much to conquer:
. not just conflicting interpretations of the book,
or divisions in belief; but,
privacy rights:
we must stay united with those who have money,
and all their money is on one bet:
you don't step on their privacy .)

. what I have to say to your
"(did you check my afterlife?!)
"(. did you check my private life?
that is an outrage ). [12.2.5:
. but maybe my private life is an outrage;
how would you know unless you checked?
. further more,
 privacy is an arrogant idea,
and when you try to suppress surveillance,
the surveillance gets more arrogant:
Dave Davies interviewing Matthew Aid,
historian and author of "Intel Wars:
The Secret History of the Fight Against Terror."
Just to sort of take you back just a little bit,
the reason I became interested in this subject
is it sort of fell into my lap.
I started noticing that there were
these frequent flights of helicopters
over my very quiet residential neighborhood
in northwest Washington, D.C.
And as time - this is all post-9/11 -
as time went by,
the number of flights increased
and they became very irritating,
especially when - I'll give you one example.
George Washington University library.
there's almost always a helicopter
conducting some form of surveillance,
low-altitude surveillance, in the neighborhood.
And the helicopter came down
and started hovering over my position,
and being somewhat irritated at the time,
I raised my right hand
and gave the helicopter the finger,
which the helicopter then proceeded to follow me...
 ...for the next 10 minutes
as I walked to a metro station.
But what I started doing was
taking down the tail numbers of these helicopters.
and plugging them into the computer database
of the Federal Aviation Administration
and the computers identified five front companies
that had been formed by the FBI in the late 1990s
during the tail end of the Clinton administration
to operate upwards of 130
fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
It's not just the Washington, D.C. area. ...
FBI aircraft are operating over all of the
major urban areas in the United States.
. isn't that the rudest sort of profiling
you can imagine? this is similar to
everyone in your neighborhood
being pulled over at once
just for being in your neighborhood!
. and who's deciding who gets treated like this?
this form of search is cruel & unusual
and ordered by hooded judges .
. you can see why they would do this to me;
but did you know I live in the middle of
little ol' Tucson?

. the reason that trust matters so much,
is that trust is all we have:
we can build trust in a few by
paying them much more than usual
for never betraying that trust .
. we can pay them millions more
just for making sure they have
no monetary reason to betray us .
. trust is getting very expensive .

. what can you do today,
to gently persuade someone around you,
that sharing the joys and risks of parenting
is the path to having more protected, richer children
-- fewer children, yes;
but where every child is having more power
to control the free, capitalist world ?
. don't forget the devil;
it takes a village .

[12.2.5: here are the points to consider for
creating the constitution
of the parenting union church: ]

if you father kids, you help raise kids,
if you need a handout, you read to kids,
or help us watch each other watch kids .
[12.2.5: we need systems of both automated surveillance
and human resource organization
that allow us to use more untrustables for
making sure a child's time is always used wisely,
and that some of a child's peers are always adults .]

12.15: spirit matters:
. don't pretend that telepathy is a schizophrenic delusion;
granted,  it should be up to the parenting village
to decide how an unsocialized mind
interacts with children;
but, don't think that medications cure schizophrenia;
a person that is quiet should be seen as
an unexplored telepathy channel .
. there may be no telepathy there at all,
but, how much telepathy one has
will depend on how much the g-d-evil
cares to provide for us .
. think of telepathy as a private line to anyone;
if a person's mind would be poison for a child,
and the devil considers our children to be
a high-value target;
then this quiet village scene could be
buzzing with damage!
. I tend to think that children are fairly resiliant,
[ie, they will mature without scars if given
a balance of diverse adults to interact with; ]
but I say this so that
church members can respect taboos about
who associates with their children;
what could they really be talking about
when bad people can rub off on you ?
. another tenet of telepathy,
is that while we should try to maximize freedom,
we should not have to tolerate mutual politeness;
as much as possible,
we should expect to commune with
others of a non-conflicting philosophical view .
. does this mean that pedophiles should
be able to have their own parenting village ?
how do you deal with this? .
. speaking of what a federal constitution should be doing;
why don't you civilized folks yet have
instant run-off voting to encourage more choice?
what if both parties were goofy job-robbing,
crime-breeding pedophiles? ]

12.15: the spirit vs science debate:

. the parenting union church should keep in mind the
spirit vs science debate:
. they've turned a true "(spirit is unknownable)
into a "(we have no scientific evidence that could
give us any confidence in the existence of spirit).
. you're not going to get any evidence of a
stealthy thief either!
and, that was exactly the phrase JC used
in describing the spirit:
"(it will come like a thief in the night)
-- JC was the new religion then
like science is the new religion now .
. what he was remind us was this:
"( the existence of the spiritual will always be uncertain,
until it's too late ).

why does belief in the spirit matter?
. until you can say conspiracy,
you can't protect your village from the devil:
. right now we're saying
"( if everyone would just act right );
but they're not;
and, they're misprogramming children .

. if everyone could just be
trusting eno' to give up trust .
[ie, trusting eno' in the spirit's evil
to give up trust in human good .]
. not that you should be forced to
get around on only the wildly diverse city bus
but you do need to van-share with co.workers .
[ie, we don't need diversity training,
but we do need parenting unions .
( speaking of diversity training,
your fatally racist mistake was
not giving free slaves their own reservation land:
unrevokable land is the day-one foundation of
a Free Capitalism worth fighting for .)]
you need village values rather than family values
. our current value system
is a guaranteed war machine:
our primary religion is
every couple is getting their own garden of eden;
and, when things get crowded,
then we have capitalism as god
to decide who's expelled from the garden .
. we do reassure JC's god of charity
that we protect the poor from hunger
but we don't protect the poor from themselves .
. our way is essentially a game of chicken
(who can be the most free in their privacy
for the longest)
and it always ends in war
(having to eat both your youth
and your Free Capitalist profits;
does that sound free?)

how can you van-ride with religious tyrrants?
. spirituals say they hear a voice that is
god's command,
but did you see how their god helps
their family but not that other believer's ?
. stay with science,
and you can demand equal reasoning .
on the other hand,
you can also have secular tyrrants
who think there has to be one public school
because why support 2 schools ?!
well, for the 2 opinions on prayer:
# prayer protects my children from the devil;
# public prayer is superstition gone bizarre .
. see how this works with those who worry about
having others rub off on their kids ?
if they can't find a secular parenting union to suit them,
I'll bet they are just closet spirituals saying this:
"(we're modern, not superstitious;
spirituals are inherently unstable witchburners;
therefore I cannot admit I am a believer in spirit).]

private culturing breeds culture wars:
. villages that segregate around those who
share the same religious commands
will always turn into something like the
christian and muslim wars ...
that is a reasonable concern;
but, keep in mind the point of
culture-specific parent-unionizing
is to encourage pop'control
for more wealth per child,
ie, for more security, not just more pudding .
. you will cure the religious village wars by
requiring each village to expand their children into
just their own villages
not throw them to capitalism's slavers
or unleash them on the technologically weaker . [12.2.5:
(see america's dictatorial colonialism;
and how it's contradicted by its very motivation:
american exceptionalism except, of course,
that greasy Laissez-faire part:
so greasy, it even dreamed up the
comically self-mocking Manifest Destiny
( the english europeans were convinced that
modernity was destined to move west
even when most of it was already modernized
by spanish europeans .
. you guys are a bunch of babbling hyperbreeders;
when children are unleashed to fend for themselves
they will always molest the natives,
and that's why your crime rates are so high
even in fully modern america
-- only now the "savages" are thoroughly yours ).]

. children must belong to the parenting union because
while private parents take all the glory of parenting,
they give us all their unemployables!
this country is no less a senseless war machine
than the royalty games it fought to get away from
-- a profit-burning, empty-morals, war machine .

intractable problems of communal parenting:

village living offers no incentive for required respect:
. one of the basic rules of contract law is that
if you break the agreement, punishment happens .
. if your marriage partner doesn't give you respect
then you file for divorce;
but in a system where the village owns your kids,
the village may unfairly give you the chill,
and then expect you to walk away without your kid!
. now you've not only lost a lover
but things are more distant with some every-day friends,
and your chances of winning custody of your children
are nil !
. in a family-values divorce,
your every-day friends stay right where they always were
at a safe distance from your parenting partners,
and you have half a chance of keeping the kids you deserve .

. conversely,
 if socializing is hard work for you,
then of course, sharing adult power with many
can seem highly unlikely;
often the parent can't even share with one;
hence our current plague of fatherlessness .

. should such anti-socials even be allowed
to be my parents?
they are pre-programming innocent children
to go out and get a job being "(highly sociable)
under an innocent Free Capitalist boss;
and, maybe that boss takes their job overseas
just to let them kindly know
that the brittle little personality you parented
can go ahead and be its own boss !

privacy is a major devil-fighting tool:
. being in the same room with others
can build strong bonds or it can build
any sort of bonds the devil cares to adventure .
. when the devil seems to be chilling a relation
a family-values system would just
invite the unfortunate to tea-time less often;
whereas being tied to a village can turn a chill
into a huge, ugly conspiracy,
where everyone around you seems to be
bruising your ego;
but the kids belong to them, not you .

12.16: schiz'ia needs privacy:
. the essential difference between
mild schiz'ia and total social phobia,
may be the number of skeletons in closet .
. the fundamental feature of being schiz'ic is that
telepathy is routine, and typically involuntary,
so then, if your thoughts or unofficial public image
would be harmful if communicated with others,
then you might want to minimize social interactions .
. people might say they want your company,
but people are hockey stars; they love a good fight;
so, if you didn't feel like an ego bruising
you might want to give them space,
despite their sincere invitations .
. meds just make the schiz'ic mindless and feminized,
which might work for a traditional christian girl,
but that is no way for a guy to take on a hockey game;
hence, a major case for social phobia .
. with privacy needs like that,
and schiz'ia being far more prevalent
considering the milder cases,
how can we expect everyone to be placed into
communal living for parents?
but still, one reason to be in favor of village values
is that by being in a commune,
the babysitter is always in,
and that should make it easier to
get away for refreshments .]

intractable problems of conventional parenting:
. well, if you do find village values unsupportable,
I think this debate has clearly shown
that conservatives and liberals alike
simply have no accountability;
and, while they may blame each other
for their problems,
they are both solving their problems with
wars & crime breeding
-- and these problems are coming from
a fundamental lack of parenting accountability;
because, the issue is both religiously and politically
untouchable .

the age of ubiquitous robotics will be key:
. robotics or internet-connected survaillence systems
are allowing us both the privacy with our children,
and the assurance that every child is properly programmed
by a robot serving as a representative for society's interests
-- yet existing in the same room without exhibiting
any behaviours that you could attribute to the devil .
. got a problem with our robotic rep?
just fill out the bug report,
and a real human being will
either send it to programmers,
or fill you in on why your expectations won't work for all .
. also,
the village does the programming together,
and you're invited .
. don't forgot though;
the universe's path to wealth & prosperity,
is by waking up to the first puzzle;
your mind's every thought is a gift from
g-d-v-l = god of all = god|devil .