lean programming applied to business

2011.9.24: news.adds/the lean startup:
tech nation radio with Eric Ries,
Author of Start-Up Smarts:
The Thinking Entrepreneur's Guide to
Starting and Growing Your Business

. science based entrepreneurship,
defined as finding the tools
for most efficiently managing risk .
. instead of asking:
how can I produce the spec
 with a cheaper impl'?
 the lean startup asks:
. how can I learn the same thing,
from a cheaper experiment?
eg, how can you prove people will think
your product adds value?
. the pivot is the plan you go to
when you decide your current one
has produced a lesson instead of a product .
. mgt is human engineering
. engineering is the science of
optimizing utilization of a resource .
. engineering is often neatly about
working with standardized parts,
but also about wrapper strategies
for dealing with the unstandardizable
aspects of humans .