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2011.12.11:  web.health/hormonics/neo-paleolithic diet:
[2012.2.6: intro
. I bumped into the term Neo Paleolithic Diet
I got excited about improvements on the Zone;
but in fact, proponents of the Neo-Paleo
seem to have forgotten some valid Zone lessons .]

here is the term at neo-paleolithic-diet.com:
(it has links to russsutton.com/paleo)
. we have given the name, “Neo Paleolithic Diet”,
to a current day lifestyle based on dietary and exercise lessons
from our Paleolithic ancestors;
but, using successful research to prove out theories.
. just because our genes haven’t
changed much in the last 50,000 years
doesn’t mean that diet and exercise was perfect then .
We hope we can use our brains
more than our caveman ancestors,
so we find it useful to study Paleolithic diet & exercise
as a default and to build on it with scientific research.
Studies are helping us prove out
and fine tune the Paleolithic Diet
to reduce diseases and improve health.
“Neo Paleolithic” (8300 to 4500 BC) refers to
the Neolithic Age -- “Neo”: new; “lith”: stone --
the “New Stone Age”, when mankind began
living in cities fed with farming practices .
. the Paleolithic Age (150,000 to 10,000 BC)
-- “Paleo”: old -- was the “Caveman Age”
where mankind were Hunter-gatherers .
. the “Neo-Paleolithic Diet” includes
lessons learned from the Paleolithic Diet
combined with current day research on
diet, exercise, diseases, and wellness .
What foods make up the Paleolithic Diet?
The Paleolithic Diet simply consists of
lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
It is thought that Paleolithic Man ate these foods in variety
as they moved about the earth as hunter-gatherers.

. many researchers believe that protein
accounted for most of paleo calories .
--[. over 50% protein?
perhaps that is simply a testament to how starved they were;
this part of the neo-paleolithic diet,
and dr.zone diet's endorsement of it
is likely how he was tagged as being
a high protein advocate; 12.5.6:
but in fact, if it wasn't a low calorie diet,
the majority of calories came from mono'oils .]
. their larger wild game was more lean than
our modern corn-fed meat .
So, choose leaner meats over the more fatty ones,
especially if you are wanting to lose weight.
--[. large and lean?
did you notice the pemmican
that the american natives were eating?
there were obviously some high-protein days during the kill,
but native americans were seen as
perfecting the paleo diet,
and that was a 50% fat diet . in fact,
unless you did find a bit of other food
lean meats like rabbit would make you sick .
. as for larger game being preferred,
africans showed a preference for insects
and those were likely easier to get . ]
Fish was eaten by Paleolithic cavemen
5x more that it is by us today
. Salmon Fish, Very Paleo [very fatty].
it reduces your overall saturated fat
and increases your Omega-3 /Omega-6 ratios.
Omega-3 fish oils are anti-inflammatory,
and [the DHA is] fantastic for
brain growth and maintenance
as well as overll cardio health.
The biggest failure of our modern diets
is the deficiency of fresh vegetables.
Most of us consume most of our calories
in the some form of wheat,
which is not what a caveman would have done.
. we know that our caveman counterparts
out-ate us in vegetables by a large margin.
Fruits and berries are power-packed with nutrients.
--[. these lines about omega-3 vs sat'fat,
and needing fresh, non-grain, veg',
are why dr.zonediet latched onto the term neo-paleo .
. another major zone-conforming pillar of neo-paleo
is being an exclusion diet:
the call for moderation applies only to the goods;
most modern foods are simply poisons
where abstinence applies .]
. the main sources of fat for paleolithic man were
nuts and the fat found in wild game.
Nuts are overwhelmingly more nutritious than our
modern sources of fat
[ dairy, veg'oils used for deepfat frying]
There have been numerous studies showing nuts to be
helpful in preventing cancer and other ailments.
--[. make sure you get a variety of nuts?
this is why neo-paleo is just one of 4 cornerstones of zone;
the other cornerstones would reduce such variety:
# almonds are a good popular choice;
# hazels are the best for maximizing
your ratio of mono'oils to other oils
esp'ly for minimizing poly'oils . ]

sutton's best paleo books:
#1: (your own original research)
#2: Dr. Loren Cordain’s “The Paleo Diet
– Lose Weight and Get Healthy by
Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat”

on something like a blog,
sutton's last 2010 post is about
paleo becoming more trendy:
. that link shows recent high-value ref's,
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. here is fox news 2011's review of the diet:
For lean protein, your choices are
chicken breast, turkey breast, venison, and all-game meat,
lean beef, wild fish and seafood, and eggs.
. off-limits are any salt-containing [processed] proteins,
along with those that are extremely high in saturated fat,
or naturally occuring trans fats, such as Dairy .
--[ . the main point here,
and one the paleo advocates still aren't mentioning,
is that wild game is not necessarily leaner,
but has a better fat:
lower in sat'fat, and higher in omega-3 oils .
. sat'fat in our food system should be viewed as
concentrated grains,
and grains are definitely the #1 non-paleo food .]
In addition to your protein,
you want to focus on healthy fats
from all nuts but that doesn't include legumes,
[. they mention peanut but not soy .]
healthy fats include:
natural almond butter, fatty sources of fish, avocados,
flax and flax seeds,
as well as olive oil in moderation.
--[ . I wonder what they know about olive oil
that would have it being in need of more moderation than flax?
processed doesn't have to bad;
omega-3 in flax certainly is not good .
. the key anti-inflammation is lowering omega-6,
and only the {EPA, DHA} forms of omega-3
should be used beyond the min'required doses for
essential poly'oils .]
. to round out the Paleo diet,
rely on as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.
There are no fruits and vegetables off-limits,
but you should stay away from potatoes as well as yams.
--[. that is ironic, because, being fox news,
the audience will equate "(yam) with sweet potatoes,
which were a lifesaver for the healthiest on earth:
the okinawan seniors .
. the true yams are indeed like potatoes,
and should be avoided,
only don't avoid the "(yam) labels in usa:
only ethnic stores would have true yams .]
Dried fruit, however, should be limited
to no more than two ounces per day,
especially for those who are trying to lose body fat.
[. dried fruit has bad oxidized vitamin c,
and advanced glycation endproducts .]

Diet soda along with coffee, tea, and wine
are to be consumed in moderation,
and one 12-ounce serving of beer or four ounces of spirits
are allowed a few times a week.
--[. some things require more moderation than others:
. the phosphorus overload by diet soda will eat bones;
soda-drinking kids have more bone fractures .]
. right before and after your workout period
 eat a higher volume of fresh fruits and lean protein; eg,
 # Pre-Workout:
· 5 oz. grilled chicken breast · 2 bananas
# Post-Workout
· 5 oz. grilled chicken breast
[. the workout should be of a dose that is
glucagon-depleting and therefore
in need of fructose ...]
· 1 banana · 1 cup grapes · 1 orange .
Since you will be strictly limiting
all grains from the diet,
fruit ensures that you provide the
glucose the muscles need
to perform the intense session.
--[. the workout is using glucose from liver's glycogen;
then by the time the pre-workout banana is digested
it's providing the fructose to restore liver glycogen .
after the workout, the grapes and orange are
an even more potent source of fructose .]
Then later on in the day,
to really enhance the fat-burning process,
keep the diet limited to quality protein
and healthy fats in moderation,
as well as an abundance of vegetables.
[. like a zone diet but the meat portion is
5oz per meal .]
By limiting the fruit during this time,
you ensure fat-burning and hunger suppression .
. here is the egg form they recommend:
2 yolks with 8 egg whites -- in a breakfast
(one version of a 5oz meat serving).
. their dose of flax:
2 tbsp's whole seeds .
. an interesting bed-time ritual:
green tea and 10 walnuts .