prophets (messengers of god) as sons of god

1.10: adds/relig/
prophets (messengers of god) as sons of god:

. the son of a man has traditionally implied
one who carries on the ambitions of the father;
therefore, I think it would be helpful
to define "(son of god)
as one who was given a god-inspired message;
especially a message that is
not currently popular or obvious .
. why would a god have many sons?
god as the eternal (infinitely living) father
would appear to be programming our software
in the same way god has appeared to be
programming our hardware:
with a spark of genetic genius,
followed by a jungle of evolutionary testing .
. hence sons are expected to be finite,
good for just one phase of the evolution
-- an evolution that might go on indefinitely,
or as long as man's thoughts have some inputs into
the robotic (intelligent, demon-free) law enforcement .

. here is a summry of prior religions,
presenting their founders as sons of god:

. when son#judaism was given the rule to stay clean,
they impl'd it by separating self from unclean members,
applying it not just to communicable diseases,
but also to communicable psychological tendencies .

. so then son#jesus was given the rule:
get real! there are no dirty family members!!
treat all family as self .
. when jc couldn't reach his family,
he suggested the path to justice is
making the whole world your family:
if your kingdom is your heart,
your family members are those who
believe in your kingdom .

. son#catholic was given the rule that
the path to making the whole world your family:
is building a worldwider political hierarchy
that would force everyone under one holy flag;
but, to impl' this rule they had to
transform the christian message
into something like the pagan religions
that christianity needed to replace:
. you will follow jesus because the magic
shows he was the god:
jc's law was god's law .
. jc was just like you hindu's
coming back from the dead as a higher form,
a form that lives in the love of god .

. son#islam was given the rule that
son#judaism's law about not worshipping images
was not mere trivia:
it was a foundational commandment;
so, son#jesus's image as being a magic healer
is not what makes him worthy of respect:
what does make him worthy
is being given god-inspired rules,
ones that further the survival of eternal civilization .
. son#islam was also given a great rule about capitalism
that could have prevented all our economic depressions:
never allow loans for profit,
anybody who wants to invest should buy stock in a project .

. son#mormon was given the rule that a living god
should be represented by a living bible, one that grows .

. son#buddha was given the rules for
casting out demons!

. he lamented as the son of a king
in line for the throne,
that people were so persistently, inevitably
underserved by any king ruling over them,
so instead of pretending to be helpful as a king,
he gave his time to developing rules for
how we could all find the peace we want .

. most of the time people feel they
have to punish others because
they wouldn't have felt insulted
if only others had just been more polite;
law#1: expect life to be emotional pain;
physical pain is almost never originating
from others: it's starting as emotional pain
injected from within by the devil,
who is the lord over technological evolution
who wants you to start some real pain
to evolve weapons and other technologies .
. if instead we would all not be the first one
to make a judgement against another,
that would solve a lot of violence .

. the other main problem was leadership:
people were always trusting
religions and governments
without understanding what they were doing;
and, this was another source of conflict .
. his idea for a world religion that we
could all believe in as one world
-- just like the catholics were hoping for
but without the violence of hierarchical leadership --
was to use a combination of
both your own common sense
and finding agreement by your community of elders .
. this would help everyone both own the religion
and remain future-aware, guided by experience .

. this would be yet another modification
of a son#judaism rule:
the rule affected this time
was to follow one's elders without question:
"( this is what your god wants;
your parents will make sure you know this;
make sure you honor your parents ).
. some of the things "(god) wanted
were pretty surprising;
not the stuff of common sense at all .

. one problem with son#buddha's rule
is that he was never discouraged by
a view of god as being a devil .
. what if people were inately
suicidal, not just ignorant,
bent on fueling the tech evolution
by starting yet another war
-- just for the "(fun) of it ?
. the pinacle of tech is almost here
(within the next 500 years)
just 2500 years after the buddha's ministry .