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one reason for such edema is congestive heart failure;
coenzyme Q10 therapy may be good for that;
another thing that helps edema
(and also high blood pressure)
is the use of a low-glycemic diet with no sugar;
eg, with most carb's coming from greens & beans;
also, a good magnesium supplement,
one that doesn't cause a laxative effect
will be help relax heart and arteries .
. even a strong beat won't pump blood
unless it can relax between beats .

for getting the right magnesium:
Mildred S. Seelig`The Magnesium Factor
Carolyn Dean`The Magnesium Miracle

for proof low-carb helps edema:
Gary Taubes`Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

for proof coenzyme Q10 helps with edema:
Clin Investig. 1993;71(8 Suppl):S134-6.
Effect of coenzyme Q10 therapy in patients
with congestive heart failure:

a long-term multicenter randomized study.
. the main clinical problems in patients
with congestive heart failure
are the frequent need of hospitalization
and the high incidence of
life-threatening arrhythmias,
* pulmonary edema, *
and other serious complications.
coenzyme Q10 (n = 319,
mean age 67 years, range 26-89 years)
at the dosage of 2 mg/kg per day .
The number of patients who required
hospitalization for worsening heart failure
was smaller in the coenzyme Q10 treated group
(n = 73)
than in the control group (n = 118, P < 0.001).
the episodes of pulmonary edema or cardiac asthma
were reduced in the control group
(20 versus 51 and
97 versus 198, respectively; both P < 0.001)
The improved cardiac function in patients with
congestive heart failure
treated with coenzyme Q10
supports the hypothesis that
this condition is characterized by
mitochondrial dysfunction and energy starvation .