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2011.4.16: cyb/backup/solar storm

Do solar storms create hard drive data loss?
I read we are expecting increased solar storm activity for 2012.
I would like to prepare. What would be the best way to
protect sensitive data on hard drives
(backups and internal).
Would it be preferable to back up things on DVDs?
The 1989 storm managed to damage the computers
of the Toronto Stock Market.
 2012  will actually be a damn boring year.

a solar physicist: Do not worry about solar storms.
. solar and geomagnetic activity pose essentially
no risk to your data.
The biggest possible risk would be power outage,
so you could buy yourself a UPS if you are really worried,
but even then, the risk is really minimal,
since these events are predictable and power companies are
proactive about mitigating their effects on infrastructure.

If your backups are not connected to the power grid
you don't have to worry about solar storms,
because solar storms cause problems by induction.
Large loops of cable such as power grids might be affected,
but not small external hard drives.
Good back ups are not connected to the computer
they are supposed to back up 24/7.
Online backups that are located far away from your local backups
will probably not be affected by the same solar storm.

magnetic storm of September 10, 2005 over Quebec:
August 1989, another solar storm affected microchips
and caused a halt of all trading on Toronto’s stock market.
Since then, power companies worldwide have
started evaluating the risks of
geomagnetically induced currents
so that contingency plans can be put in place
to deal with any power outages.

 Officials watched in disbelief as three disc drives
 failed in succession on what is supposed to be
 a 'fault-tolerant' computer system.

 . most of Quebec sits on a large rock shield
that prevented current flowing through the earth,
for finding a less resistant path along the 735 kV power lines.
. Other utilities in North America, and elsewhere
implemented programs to reduce the risks associated with
geomagnetically induced currents.

# geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) @solarstorms.org
# laser light and magnetic storm both em wave?

On-Line UPS Systems
eg, $273 IS250HG Isolation Transformer
-- Isolator Series UL60601-1 Listed Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
$178.99 at newegg.com
This is the highest level of battery backup protection available.
Power is first broken down and then
perfectly reconstructed by the inverter,
which is "on-line" 100% of the time.
There is absolutely no transfer switching time.
This process completely eliminates
incoming surge and line noise,
adjusts high or low voltages,
and produces perfect sine wave power.

IS250HG Medical Grade Isolation Transformer
Key Features
. offers line isolation, continuous noise filtering
and enhanced common mode surge suppression.
Internal low-impedance isolation transformer
with Faraday shield offers 100% isolation from the input AC line
Full UL60601-1 medical-grade listing with hospital-grade plug
and outlet receptacles;
Reduces the cumulative leakage current
of the Isolator and connected equipment
to levels less than 100 microamps
Secondary neutral-to-ground bonding
eliminates common mode noise,
providing an isolated ground reference
for sensitive equipment
Serves as an inexpensive alternative to dedicated circuits
and site electrical upgrades
Removes EMI/RFI noise, utility switching transients,
load-generated harmonics and ground loops
Additional surge suppression components
placed at the line input and output
combined with full line isolation
provide continuous filtering of a full range of
power line noise in all modes
Active transformer filtering offers
continuous common-mode noise rejection
with no wearable parts; unique ability to reduce surges
in the worst of power environments to harmless levels
Reduces 6000V IEEE587 Cat A&B ring wave
and combination wave test surges to only 0.5V common mode
Includes 2 widely spaced NEMA 5-15R
hospital-grade output receptacles,
a 6-ft. power cord, hospital-grade input plug,
circuit breaker overload protection and lighted power switch.