hp-15c - my 1980's college math conqueror

2011.4.18: web.cyb/hp-15c:

. hp-15c was my calculator while
getting a BA degree in Math,
it was programmable,
with a solver for calculus,
and had matrices for  linear algebra .]

hp15c on ebay? yes
-- expensively sold as vintage rare,
one though is $62
-- cheaper than new for used ok .

open source hp15c simulator
HP-15C (UNIX/Linux Windows NT4/2000/XP) (new)
. Torsten Manz' Tcl/Tk simulator .
It should run on all operating systems
supported by Tcl/Tk.
It has been tested on
several UNIX/Linux flavours
as well as Windows NT4/2000/XP.
It has not been tested on
Windows 95/ 98/ME or Mac OS.
This distribution contains
both the executables
for the Windows and Linux platform,
as well as the Tcl/Tk source file.

Nonpareil simulates HP's calc's(1972 ... 1982).
-- the 15c is from 1984 .
Tom Fors`iPhone port of Nonpareil
supporting the Voyager calculators
(11C, 12C, 15C, 16C).

Calculator Emulator for the iPhone
* 09-Mar-2008
- Calculators are now built using the SDK
and running in the simulator...
"( Still waiting for Apple to approve my registration
so I can test on a real phone and distribute them in June. )
. you can download [crude copy of] manual here :
[. I have the manuals!
(I can use my paper ones for whatever the copies left out
they are black&whites of the colored paper manual)]

The 10C series:
Compact yet Sophisticated Calculators (1981)
    * HP-10C Basic Scientific Programmable Calculator
    * HP-11C More Advanced Scientific Programmable
    * $135 HP-12C Top Selling Business Calculator 1982-1989
    * HP-15C Scientific with Matrix & Complex Math
    * HP-16C The Computer Scientist Calculator
The RPL Family (1986)
    * RPL A Platform for Powerful Calculators
    * HP-18C Business Model with Solver
    * HP-28C/S Scientifics with Symbolic Math and Solver
    * HP-48S/SX Large Screen Scientifics with Symbolic Math

Some Interesting Later Models (1986)
    * HP-27S Algebraic Do Everything Calculator
    * HP-17B Algebraic Business Model
    * HP-22S Algebraic Scientific Calculator
    * HP-32S RPN Scientific with Complex Math
      (Including Anniversary Edition.)
    * HP-42S RPN Scientific (HP-41C compatible)
    * HP-14B (50th Anniversary Edition)
    * HP-67CX Unreleased RPN / HPL / Linux Scientific