conquering imac brightness

8.6: proj.cyb`gear/mac`shades/
combined shade&blue-blocker/test:

. make new imac glasses with orange uv shades
taped to sunglasses
-- depressing in room but just right for mac .

8.7: proj.cyb`gear/mac`shades/
string to raise nose bridge:

. add bridge to mac shades to get more ventilation
and reduce fog .

8.10: proj.cyb`gear/mac`shades:
. tape isn't holding up? get help by
tucking the lenses under the nose bridge string .

8.18: proj.cyb`gear/mac`shades/
drill holes for holding shades on shades:
. use the aluminum wire
in the smallest holes my drill will give .
. like a staple but twisted once too .

mac shades
8.28: co.amazon/Uvex S0360X Ultra-spec 2000
Safety Eyewear, Orange Frame, SCT-Orange UV
Extreme Anti-Fog Lens:

5-star/99.9% of uv a,b,c for my imac:
. filters 99.9% of each of uva, uvb, and uvc;
(vaguely recall 100% is possible?)
I use these for cutting the brightness on my imac
whose lowest brightness is far too powerful in a dark room .
. I combine these with dark glasses and the result is perfect .
[!] pict of glasses
[@] tip: adding shades for a bright computer screen
[@] tip: soft ear arms
[!] picts of packaging:
packaging by honeywell
lens cleaning instructions
the warnings and features
uv protection limits
08.06 cyb`gear imac blueblockers

prior ideas

7.30: proj.cyb/mac/sunglasses/
target white point set from white to blue:

. the white is too bright on this imac
(in reverse mode, the text is too bright!)
. one thing I can do for right now
is change the display calibration:
[@] menu/prefs/display/calibration/target white point
. set the target white point
from neutral white to either:
# d50: warm yellowish light (for graphics art)
# 9300: cool bluish light (for tv's).
. both help the text,
but blue also helps in non-reverse video mode .

web: blue-blockers online:
Dr. Hansler blue-blocking glasses
. cheapest shades are $68 .
. blublocker.com starts at $15 .
or 2 clip-ons for $19.95
-- $44 with good amazon reviews .
. they claim they are nasa technology,
but nasa recognizes  only eagleeyes.

Eagle Eye $40 aviator clip-ons
Eagle Eye $40 complete cover over scripts

Eagle Eye elder vision boosters:
Nano-425 -- Low Light Vision-Booster -- light brown
Nano-450 -- Contrast Booster -- yellow
Nano-450 --  Extreme-Contrast Booster -- light orange
Nano-475 -- UV/Bluelight Protection -- dark brown
Nano-515 -- Distance / Depth Booster -- orangiest
-- what are the numbers measuring?
emwave nanometers length cutoff
Eagle Eyes® proven, polarized TriLenium Gold™ Lens Technology
works by blocking out 100% ultraviolet rays
and harmful blue and violet light rays;
while allowing in vision-enhancing
light rays (green, yellow, orange and red)
within the 475 nm (nanometers) range
This technology allow you to see images
more vividly with better contrast and definition
400..475 is the violet, blue
475..515 is blue-green,
515..700 is the green, yellow, orange, red
AVIAN™ the ultimate outdoor eyewear
. unlike some of the other models,
AVIANS™ are Non-Polarized;
Used in U.S. Olympics & World Sporting Tournaments
and Pilots in the U.S. Space Shuttle Programs!
. more about the polarized models:
The TriLenium Gold™ Advantage EAGLE EYES®
polarized lens system provides maximum protection,
superior polarization capabilities, contrast filtration
and inner and outer scratch-resistant coatings .
Only EAGLE EYES® offer you proven,
polarized TriLenium Gold™ Lens Technology
that originated at NASA
and is the ONLY lens technology
approved by the Space Foundation!
EAGLE EYES® meet and exceed CE, ANSI
and EN1836 Standards and Regulations
for personal eye protection, sun glare filters
and impact resistant sunglasses.
eagleEyes @ amazon
. some problems with shipping breakage?
may be getting good prices to buy returns or knock-off's?
clip-on's get some bad reviews
$30 extremes (brown)
$39 extremes from amazon (orange)
$40 cover-alls
TriLenium gunmetals shipped by amazon
Avian 475 -- confusion! these are Nano 475's!