carnitine saves bone when thyroid acts up

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carnitine saves bone when thyroid acts up

. high T4 and high TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
results in lower bone density .
. however it may not be the thyroid directly;
high thyroid causes high cortisol
and high cortisol causes osteoporosis .
. when hyper-thyroid women were given carnitine
they had better bone density;
and it's known that after carnitine usage,
thyroid hormones can't get to their target;
but some thought this link was not direct:
rather, they theorized that
because carnitine may also lower cortisol
it could be the cortisol reduction
that has carnitine saving bone .
... however, I couldn't find anything on
carnitine's lowering of cortisol,
except that at huge doses it can raise cortisol;
so, I'm theorizing that the reason for
carnitine helping bone mass,
is that it prevents high thyroid activity
and then normalizing thyroid also normalizes cortisol,
which then normalizes bone density .
. any hyperthyroid osteoporosis with normal cortisol?
. Thyroid hormone directly stimulates bone resorption
in organ culture .
. hyper-thyroidism is associated with
accelerated bone remodeling;
hypo-thyroidism is associated with
bones that are denser but not stronger
suggesting a retarded resorption
(bone building adds the density
but matched breakdown is needed for strength).