an app that alerts you to drone strikes

8.30: news.cyb/dev.iOS/
an app that alerts you to drone strikes:

. npr just said that the Apple app store
recently disallowed an app that would
ring you for each drone strike?

. I can understand why Apple would make such a stand;
they shouldn't be put in the position of
ok'ing another's political speech
in what amounts to their work place .
. would you go on about drones at your workplace ?
some might think that unpatriotic
and some might agree drones are not right
but not want their chain pulled during work .
. we all have to get along at work;
there is plenty of time for free speech afterwards .

. we need a generic version of the same thing:
an app that interfaces a news site
where you can get rings for
your personal search results;
eg, it could be integrated with google's alert service,
which sends emails to you
whenever some search of interest to you
comes up with another hit .
. in this integration,
it could ring your idevice instead of emailing you .