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health/high-oleic oils:
20: summary:
. high-oleic are high in good fats (monounsaturates)
but they are also highly refined,
and therefore remove many of the antioxidants
that gave good fats their excellent reputation .
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trans fats cause cancer:
An increased risk of breast cancer was associated with
increasing levels of the trans fats
palmitoleic acid and elaidic acid;
whereas, the cis-Monounsaturates
[such as found in high-oleic oils]
were unrelated to breast cancer risk.
A high serum level of trans-monounsaturates,
presumably reflecting a high intake of
industrially processed [hydrogenated] foods,
is probably one factor contributing to
increased risk of invasive breast cancer in women.
[ high-oleic oils are "industrially processed"
but they are designed to have zero trans fats;
they can take frying heat like hydrogenated oil
by refining out most of the polyunsaturates .]

1998 Pearson & Shaw sell High Oleic Sunflower Oil:
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's® Formula
High Oleic Sunflower Oil [at iHerb]
-- Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw are authors of
1984 Life Extension, a scientific practical approach .
here they talk about high-oleic oil:
"We prefer the high-oleic sunflower oil
because it contains much less of the
atherogenic palmitic acid, [a saturated fat]
which comprises reportedly 10.9% of virgin olive oil."
. some "high-oleic" safflower oils are
4-8% palmitic saturated fats .

high-oleic oils are missing antioxidants:
nutr j 2002:
This study in rabbits comparing high-oleic oil
to other refined oils and virgin olive oil
provides evidence of the considerable
antioxidant capacity of the
phenolic fraction of virgin olive oil
in LDL, and the important role that this
unsaponifiable fraction can play in
the overall antioxidant benefit attributed to these oils.
With regard to oxidative stress,
LDL in the group that ingested the oils having
the greatest amount of phenolic compounds
showed the highest level of antioxidants
(α-tocopherol and coenzyme Q; P < 0.05)
and the lowest susceptibility (P < 0.05)
to lipid peroxidation .
avoid hexane processing:
If you want to avoid hexane-treated foods,
look for "100% organic" USDA seal,
since hexane is banned in organic food production.
however, "made with organic ingredients"
is no guarantee that all ingredients are hexane-free.
Expeller-pressing and cold-pressing
are physical methods to extract oils
that do not involve solvents;
vegetable oils produced in this manner are also hexane-free.
organic or cold-pressed?

Smude's Cold Pressed High Oleic Sunflower Oil
Cold Pressed at 85 degrees
16oz, half gal .

Organic Refined High Oleic Sunflower Oil:
Sourced From: Ukraine, Argentina, Italy, Netherlands
-- no mention of who verifies their organic status .