olive oils with acidity or peroxide max's

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usa has True Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
 .5% free oleic acid
California Olive Oil Council is the only North American
certified quality control program
that exceeds strict International standards for
True Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Bari Gourmet Robust  (4 Gallons) $152.00
Bari Traditional Gallon Tin (6 Gallons) $210.00

definition of True Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
. In order to classify as extra virgin,
the oil's acidity must be below 0.8%,
(a maximum peroxide level of 16 meq O2/kg)
The best-quality extra virgin olive oils
have an acidity level ranging from 0.1 % to 0.3 % .

definition of (non-extra) Virgin olive oil:
This oil is produced the same as extra olive oil.
It differs only in acidity level.  It cannot exceed 2% acidity
. another definition differs:
. maximum acidity level of 1.5° degrees,
and peroxide 20 meq O2/kg max .

coolest product is olive oil in a boxed bag:
3L EcoValue™ Box     $49.99
"(It has an acidity level less than 
half of regular extra virgin.) 
$203.17 & free shipping for set of 4:
3liter bag of 0.2% acidity for 18.18 euros
and 12liter for 60 euros .
--valderrama has a 5 litre Bag-in-Box also
but not found online .
. after getting a gift of olive oil that made a quality claim
-- valdezarza.com; peroxide content <= 16meq.O2/kb;
0.2 acidity max --
I was curious where else I could find such .

organic 0.2% Núñez de Prado

oliveoilfromspain.com lists acidity and whether organic

Organic  Azada 0.2% acidity

LA Organic Original "Intenso" EVOO - 250ml / 8.5oz