#antipsychotics are a total outrage

3.15: news.med/apm/antipsychotics are a total outrage:

Sandra G. Boodman washingtonpost.com 03-14-12:
Adriane Fugh-Berman, a physician, and associate professor
of pharmacology at Georgetown University,
was stunned by the question:
Two graduate students who had
no symptoms of mental illness
wondered if she thought they should take
a powerful schizophrenia drug
each had been prescribed to treat insomnia.
"It's a total outrage," said Fugh-Berman,
"These kids needed some basic sleep [advice],
like reducing their intake of caffeine and alcohol,
not a highly sedating drug."
. some of the public may not be aware
that physicians are not only outraged by
inappropriate use of psychiatric drugs,
but often also feel that the entire field of psychiatry
is "a total outrage" because they profess the very notion
that psychosis is a neurotransmitter imbalance
in need of a rebalancing medication .

. honest scientists will tell you something else:
emotions and chronic stress cause these imbalances;
and, the only reason for medications
is if your state doesn't have the money
to provide a secure environment for the mentally ill:
one that calms emotions, and reduces stress .

. remember that even when hallucinations exist,
they are no worse than reality;
both can be called the subject's environment,
and what makes mental illness dangerous
is not the hallucination,
but the policy of taking the law into one's own hands .
. what people are really afraid of from the mentally ill,
is the likelihood of responding to stress in an illegal way
because the mentally ill often believe in
pervasive conspiracies that would cause one to
lose faith in our legal system .

. the other problem that medications try to solve
is emotional contagion:
when people can't hold their emotions,
then those emotions get transmitted to others .

. finally there is the non-obvious problem:
what the psychiatrists are calling hallucinations
are really artifacts of supernatural disorders,
where people are exchanging thoughts silently
via devil-synchronized daydreams .
. this can cause great emotional distess,
as people have no way of controlling
what they {think, said} to others .
. these shared thoughts can be
esp'ly damaging in the workplace;
because, we have to be there -- and stay there --
for what seems like forever .
. if something evil is rubbing off on you,
it's got a lot of time to do that rubbing .
. if many are feeling you rub them the wrong way,
that's not a halucination,
and you may not even be mentally ill,
yet we should consider you to be socially challenged,
and there should be special programs for you,
that find an employment setting where you can fit in .

. if on the other hand, we chose to give you meds,
then you get diabetes, and raise our medicaid bills .
. capitalism can be efficient;
and christianity can be merciful;
but, when you try to mix them,
please don't think you get merciful efficiency .

. that would be a delusion,
unless it was religiously recognized ...
-- that gem can be found in the psychiatrist's dsm IV
(diagnostic and statistical manual).
. do you see what psychiatry is doing?
it's an army of politicians not scientists .
. it doesn't matter that the "superstitious" might have
more insight or more proof
than conventional religious theories;
what matters is,
who is funding psychiatrists ? .
. psychiatrists had to stop calling
homosexuality a disorder,
and, in time, they will also have to stop calling
parapsychology a delusion .
. a belief in parapsychology is a key part
of the current schizophrenia diagnosis;
that's why they are called psychotic,
because they believe in what is
perfectly possible according to parapsychology .