mac news

. log dump of noteworthy mac news,
and some issues (bright screen,
searching mysterious, vmware projects); ]


news.addn/mac/mainstream -- or fatter than microsoft:
It's Official: Apple Is Now Worth More Than Microsoft (AAPL, MSFT)
MacUser Group Members
date Fri, May 28, 2010 at 10:24 AM
subject From Tiago Rosado and other MacUser group members on LinkedIn


mis.addn/mac.finder/not searching:
. finder isn't finding anything?
forum suggests using the magnifying glass on the menu bar,
(spotlight); but even that wasn't much help
until I had some distinctive codes to give it:
magnesium was just confusion,
but aq.cook bac
-- that found every file was looking for!

proj.addn/mac.vmware.xuw/make a lubuntu vmware,
[@] addn/xud

proj.addn/mac.transmission/cln torrent:
. find pup'linux dpc: 0? delete from torrent client
(it appears to be doing nothing but clutter),

6.6: mis.addn/mac.vmware/no gateway to foreign fs,
[@] addn/xud


proj.addn/mac/zip encrypted:
. I installed the unarchiver,
the default unzipper will not respond correctly to
encrypted zip's;
but with the unarchiver I have added
opening with that will
ask for a needed password
and use it to open the file .
. not sure how to set passwords from mac,
but I did it through mac.vmware.vista.7zip .


news.addn/mac/Port Colinux to OSX (Leopard 10.5):
for Intel only CPUs



sci.addn/mac.chrome.sidewiki/activation illusive:
. how does sidewiki get activated?
go to sidwiki help,
press a [add your entry].button;
and they ask you to sign in,
now its a separate window .
. finally got it to work:
once you have a page where you want to see it,
there's a [>>].button on the upper-right.corner
that has a menu that includes a sidewiki activator
for the current page;
if you had some text selected,
it will have your comment attempt started for you .


proj.addn/mac.vmware.xu/special drive access:
. what can vmware.xu10 do in the way of
formatting drives?

. now xu10gnome has display name fv
for the what the pass is!
it has access to exo and obj, 1.5gb ram 20gb hd .

proj.addn/mac.vmware.xu10gnome.gnome partition editor/install

pos.addn/mac.vmware.xud (desktop xu):
. the latest version of mainstream xu
that is used on the mac desktop via vmware
will be called xud (unix#ubuntu#desktop) .

mis.addn/mac.xud/fix resolution and screensaver:
. don't lock screen on screensaver .
. why is there a pink box covering the menu's
and is labeled "(unknown) ?
needed to close the monitor sizing dialog .

proj.addn/mac.xud/no firewire:
. look at drive after restart:
restart complained about mount failed
-- vmwares don't handle firewire .


mis.addn/mac.vmware/rollbacks vs revert confusion:
. the rollbacks are confusing,
the only thing that looks like an actual
[revert to snapshot] that I recognize as my snapshot,
is to go into menu/virtual machine/snapshots
to see a list of named snap shots, and choose from them .
. the diff was explained here .

mis.addn/dev.ada/mac os x and ADA:
2010 ADA devs discuss state of Mac OS X
ADA = Ars Design Awards .


news.addn/mac/laptops need the warranty:
. the psychocats.net blog?
. the apple laptops need the warranty (well, maybe not)


mis.addn/mac/sd card locked and finder frozen:
. action strange during mac up:
hitting inputs doesn't wake it .
. now some thing is grabbing the sd card:
can't eject nor access it with finder:
had to force -quit finder .
. checked the card in admin acct;
finder is hacked again? hard reset .

. firefox chimed in during update
that I didn't have permission to install (firefox)
but I could go to website for firefox .


todo.addn/mac/medical device:
. make a joke about how mac can be used as a
medical device for curing winter depression
by acting like a giant sunlamp:
go into ... and change ... to ...
for a much brighter screen .

mis.addn/mac/sudden loss of screen:
. I was just typing my editor
when the screen when frosty grey black .
. removing all usb devices
and adding a new kybd did nothing;
. it was almost too hot to keep my hand on it;
but my laptop has been like that since 2005!;
and, I could hear the drive still whirring;
so, I did a hard reset, and everything was fine .