the Islamic-friendly John 3:16

4.19: proj.relig/jesus/the Islamic-friendly John 3:16:
5.11: summary:
. the Muslims love Jesus as a prophet,
not as a the son of a god,
so I have explained John 3:16's "son of god"
with Muslims in mind .


bio-identical hormones attacked

5.8: news.pol/healthcare/bio-identical hormones attacked:
Action Alert! If you are a resident of
Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia,
Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington,
Wisconsin, or Wyoming,
please contact your member of the Senate HELP Committee
and ask him or her to strike the extreme language in this bill
that has nothing whatsoever to do with safety.
Please take action immediately!