911neoconsDEW, new israel

new ideas
dual currency for accountability
#green #ethanol coffee vending with less wait
american dream housing
I love the bus? not invented yet
pro-union and trans-labor
usa's chocolate-boxed high-tech education
real free speech
constitutions promoting consensus
jury duty in the age of internet

over-population & under-employment
is it #underemployment or #overpopulation ? #pol
peace prize to the voice with no body
global warming -- getting warm
evolutionary advantage of overpopulating
purges throughout the ages
the myth of unfair capitalism
free capitalist's original sin
american manifest destiny

amer'dreaming on the job!
The Big Short
Recovery Act with pork, love
finance regulation lessons from Islam
#ows(Occupy Wall Street)
every game needs regulation
equal free #pol'speech #GetMoneyOut
 wall st watch dogs
term limits
teach a man to ... "(oh, fish!)
Energy Security (perhaps) Saves (a lot of) Lives
arizona will be literally green
cap and tax

obamacare(manditory health insur)
you want to subsidize corn and healthcare?!
thanks for toughing out this health care bill
malpractice insurance reform
the true cost of "(death panels)
President Obama's health care video
what health plan were nearly half holding out for?...
the good doctors at Health 2.0
Healthcare X PRIZE
president's summary of health insurance reform
misrepresenting Obama at freeourhealthcarenow.com
response to Mark Levin#7.1 on health care
health care -- the american way
asking friends about health care reform
I can see how they can do it
obamacare vs naturopaths
blue pill shifts costs onto pro-lifers
pro-lifer mandate
presbyterians for health care
accountability tax
crying about aliens we breed

medical policy that helps
marijuana's role in schizophrenia
medical model for schizophrenia
virtually true delusions
science-based suicide prevention
an economic recovery that can save lives
#Godboldo vs #antichrist #antipsychotic #childcare...
america the beautiful mind
reducing risk of food allergies
fair and balanced 2.0
gateway syndrome

religious policy that helps
the living bible should be growing
oops I did it again ...
fig-leafers and web 0.1
fig-leafing our responsibility to children
communism green and democratic
prodigal parenting
biblical truths
life lessons
performance psychology
any low-crime societies?
police are human beings
how money is the root of evil

#relocalization shoporganic.com
community gardens of tucson
#Solyndra loss #relocalization not go-#green
devolution of operation id
gpl can be american not communism
communism and capitalism can complement each other...
lessons from usa-brit independence revolution

regulate accidental killers
politics of bike lanes
welcome to heck, bent trikers!
computerized with sticky brakes
#usa #child #care gemini policy saves innocents
violence prevention
real victory in war

regulate gmo's (genetically modified organisms)
#gov nutrition label for allergenic #gmo
test GE Fish on pet food for 20 years
genetic engineering done right, wrong, and ugly
gmo's transferring genes to bacteria
genetically modified alfalfa looms over grassfed a...
santa man v1.0 -- a walk through the monsanto park...

zionism and usa's terrorism war
the corner stone in zion, british involvement
glenn beck -- may he be confined to hate radio
Shlomo Sand on Zionism
christian soldiers.
dreamed Obama's been divorced

right-wing radio
#pol mentals and weiners and savages, oh my!
FUH-cake! psilocybin is almost respectable
born-again conservative with Congressman Aaron Sch...
Rush's dem's are hiding class warfare platform
mired if the savior succeeds
frankenberry lives after golfcart nightmare
glenn beck -- may he be confined to hate radio
anti-obama is not exactly anti-liberal
Jon Justice sneers at sure justice
anti-communitarianisms by Niki Raapana
wheeler may have been escaping the law --politicized crime 
free markets are freely misrepresented

tucson-local politics
valley fever surrounded by disbelief fever
voting in tucson, az, usa

fatal embrace

The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State 
Benjamin Ginsberg

Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land
 Mark Braverman 

Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land

Interest and Inflation Free Money: Creating an Exchange Medium That Works for Everybody and Protects the Earth 
Margrit I. Kennedy

2012 The Cracking Tower: A Strategy for Transcending 2012 Jim DeKorne

 Wake Up Down There!, The Excluded Middle Anthology Greg Bishop

NBC Weapon Fundamentals
and Shelter Engineering Standards

[no image]

Nuclear War Survival Skills: Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition
Cresson H. Kearny

 The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster
Bernie Carr

 Fit For Survival (Apocalypse Tuesday)
Seth Walker

Basic Preparedness: A "How-To" Guide for Preparedness & Self-Reliant Living

 Medicinal Herb Garden Seeds (10 Easy-to-grow Medicinal Plants)

Survival Seed Vault - Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds
- Plant a Full Acre Crisis Victory Garden - 20 Easy-to-grow Varieties

Heirloom Survival Herb Seed 10 Pack
Untreated Emergency Food Pack Non Hybrid Non GMO
Seed Bank Genesis Survival Herb Seed Vault
Orchard House Heirlooms

Survivor Industries Ark III Emergency Starter Kit

Milk Money: Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm
Kirk Kardashian

I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA
Matthew Galkin (Director)

The Big Book of Pain: Torture & Punishment Through History
by Mark P. Donnelly and Daniel Diehl (Jun 1, 2011)

Grass-Fed Cattle: How to Produce and Market Natural Beef
Julius Ruechel

The Complete Guide to Grass-fed Cattle: How to Raise Your Cattle on Natural Grass for Fun and Profit (Back-To-Basics Farming)
Jacob M. Bennett

Small-Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass-Based Approach for Health, Sustainability, and Profit
Carol Ekarius

Food Inc.: A Participant Guide: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer-And What You Can Do About It
Participant Media

Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War for Europe's Money
by Bernard Connolly (Paperback - November 1, 1997)

The New International Money Game by Robert Z. Aliber.

The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable:
-- the new eddition has a section "On Robustness and Fragility"
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

 Brzezinski`The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives

The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance State [Paperback] Shane Harris

Crony Capitalism in America: 2008-2012
Hunter Lewis

Ralph Nader`Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State

Ralph Nader`Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!


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