#zionism in the age of #liberal capitalism

4.8: pol/zionism/in the age of liberal capitalism:
. why would the zionists in this day and age
decide that they had to have
that particular piece of land?
. hopefully, the god had created the
age of liberal capitalism
just so those interested in living within
a community dedicated to Judaism,
could use their economic strength
to buy whole neighborhoods for their own kind,
where they can build a temple
and call that place another new Israel;
they pick an endless fight with the Muslims:
and give us no way out of world war III .
. one flaw in that theory of mine
is that every place that allows Jewish domination
requires separation of church and state;
so you could never have a New Israel
exactly because the liberal's idea of justice
has been meant to keep every city from becoming a
ChristainTown that oppresses women, gays, and Jews .
. the Muslims and the Zionists
are really on the same side:
they both want their religion to be
dominating their politics, [12.14:
or they want their politics
to be consistent with their religion;
ie, in the case of Judaism
that religion requires a Temple in Jerusalem
and Jewish control of the surrounding land ];
the liberals in {usa, eu, uk}, on the other hand
want separation of church and state .
. the liberals have good intentions,
because every city that supports families
is creating new people that may not agree with
the existing culture's dictates;
so, you have the rights of cities
pitted against the rights of individuals
to live within the city that spawned them .
. the basic problem is that all cultures
will tend to spawn some gay culture,
and the major imperialistic religious cultures
all happen to be suppressing this gay culture .
. so how are you supposed to rescue young adults
from the gay-haters all around them?
. the best way is to enforce equal-opportunity
housing, education and employment,
so that there is no way to isolate children
from the cultures that accept gay culture .
. there are many others to save as well:
christians and muslims spawning liberals,
and women becoming bored with their
domestic servant role
-- this is another facet of gay culture:
people deciding your role based upon
your body's gender,
when they have no concept of your brain's gender:
eg, if a woman can do a man's job,
she has a man's brain, and should be given men's jobs .
. the classic stance of the religious imperialists,
is women were the bottleneck in the production of
new soldiers for the imperialist cause
so they should be protected from occupational hazards,
hence she should stay at home with the kids
where she will be safe to have yet more kids .
. as imperialism depends less on soldiers
women seem less prone to such enslavement .