the #god same as the #devil

8.16: web.relig/god/same as the devil:
. where in the old testament did I see
god and the devil are one in the same?
Isaiah 45:6-7
6 So that they may see
from the east and from the west
that there is no god but me:
I am ADONAI, and there is no other.
7 I am the giver of light
and the maker of the dark;
causing blessing, and sending troubles;
I am ADONAI, who does all these things.
. the standard christian doctrine says that
there is a god and a devil,
but if you study the old testament bible,
there is at least one prophet
that says there is only one god,
and it is creator of both good and evil .
. the way I explain a good god
is that from evil comes good:
eg, incessant wars (an obvious bad)
cause us to evolve technology,
which is something that promotes our
survival (an obvious good).