#hinduism #reincarnation

9.14: relig/hinduism/reincarnation:
. transmigration is the process of using successive lives
to work through a growing process gaining experience
somewhat like having to be the janitor
and working your way up to CEO .
(that fits in well with India's caste system
which limits social class mobility).
. why the need for a reincarnation theory?
. is it to explain why there is
no obvious cosmic justice
when bad things happen to good people ?
but cosmic justice is a set up:
good luck depends on good thoughts
that depend somewhat on
the spirit's will, not yours .
. bad luck depends on vulnerabilities
which are determined not just by your weaknesses
but also the strengths of hidden predators .
. some synchronicity makes it seem as if
we are knowing things from past lives,
but, a simpler philosophy is that
synchronicity comes from a shared subcon'mind;
that is, all lives belong to the
same soul -- the sole soul --
and life can access any memories
from any other life,  past or present .
. Buddhism is meant to coexist with Hinduism
hence it uses the idea of reincarnation,
but others[at wiki] say
it differs in its reincarnation theory .
. many religions have some model of cosmic justice;
such as reincarnation for transmigration
or a judgement after death;
they may serve as an empathy teaching tool .