#christianity evolvers

7.6: relig/christianity/evolvers:
. the reason we never save for 7 years
to cover for the 7-year famines that cause war
as the bible warns us of,
is that we are too eager about
following the bible's other lesson:
be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth .
-- see, there is never a famine in your own land,
there is only conquering of other lands!
. the bible was created by us
to pat ourselves on the back .
so looking at the entire bible,
you see them only documenting the forces of nature,
[12.29: as directed by supernature]
not showing the way of salvation or peace;
[12.29: you assume salvation is peace,
but salvation is perfection through evolution].
. you could say nature provides salvation;
because, conquering is evolution is
agility and strength .