8.30: news.care/ready.gov:
12.31: summary:
. Septembers are preparedness months;
ready.gov is concerned mostly with
the increasing damage from climate change;
but keep war in mind too
(you may need more than 3 days of water).

Preparing Makes Sense for Senior Citizens:
. keep a box with 3 days of food and water;
include important papers
like insurance contract and ss cards .

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA):
What are WEA messages?
. emergency messages sent by authorized
government alerting authorities
through your mobile carrier.
What types of alerts will I receive?
# Extreme weather, and other
threatening emergencies in your area
# AMBER Alerts
# Presidential Alerts during a national emergency
What if I don't want to receive WEA messages?
. You can opt-out of receiving WEA messages for
imminent threats and AMBER alerts,
but not for Presidential messages.
What does a WEA message look like?
WEA will look like a text message.
The WEA message will show the type and time of the alert,
any action you should take,
and the agency issuing the alert.
How will I know the difference 
between WEA and a regular text message?
WEA messages include a special tone and vibration,
both repeated twice.
what will the National Weather Service send?
Tsunami Warnings
Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings
Hurricane, Typhoon, Dust Storm and Extreme Wind Warnings
What are AMBER Alerts?
AMBER Alerts are urgent bulletins issued in
the most serious child-abduction cases.
What should I do when I receive a WEA message?
Follow any action advised by the message.
Seek more details from local media or authorities.

Emergency Kit for Your Car
In case you are stranded,
keep a kit of emergency supplies in your car including
at least 1 gallon of water
per person a day for at least 3 days
Jumper cables:
might want to include flares or reflective triangle
Flashlights: with extra batteries
First Aid Kit:
remember any necessary medications,
baby formula and diapers;
Food: non-perishable food such as canned food,
and protein rich foods like nuts and energy bars
Manual can opener
Basic toolkit: pliers, wrench, screwdriver
Pet supplies: food and water
Radio: battery or hand cranked
Cat litter or sand: for better tire traction
Shovel, Ice scraper
Clothes: warm clothes, gloves, hat, sturdy boots,
jacket and an extra change of clothes for the cold
Blankets or sleeping bags
Charged Cell Phone: and car charger

don't let disasters eat critical doc's:
. download the
Emergency Financial First Aid Kit
Consider storing paper copies of important documents
in a bank safe deposit box,
ask your bank or check State laws to confirm
who can and cannot access the safe deposit box
if the lessee dies or is incapacitated
what to put in safe deposit box
Vital records (birth, marriage, divorce certificate,
adoption, child custody papers)
Passport, driver’s license, Social Security card,
green card, military service
Pet ownership papers, identification tags
Housing: lease or rental agreement,
mortgage, home equity line of credit, deed
Vehicle: loan documents, VIN, registration, title
Other Financial Obligations:
utility bills, credit cards, student loans, alimony,
child support, elder care,
automatic payments such as gym memberships
Financial Accounts:
checking, savings, debit cards, retirement, investment
Insurance Policies, appraisals, photos,
and lists of valuable items
Sources of Income:
pay stubs, government benefits, alimony, child support
Tax Statements:
Federal/State income tax returns, property tax, vehicle tax
Estate Planning: will, trust, power of attorney
Health/dental insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, VA health benefits
List of medications, immunizations, allergies, prescriptions,
medical equipment and devices, pharmacy information
Living will, medical power of attorney
Caregiver agency contract or service agreement
Disabilities documentation
Contact information for doctors/specialists, dentists,
pediatricians, veterinarians
emergency contacts:
Schools, Houses of worship
Social service providers
Home Owners Associations
Home Repair Services:
utilities, plumber, roofer, carpenter, electrician