moistened toilet paper is mainstream

5.11: news.care/moistened toilet paper is mainstream:
12.27: summary:
. as I went to a high-fiber diet
going to the bathroom was getting messier,
so I started wetting my toilet paper
with rubbing alcohol (better than water
because the toilet paper doesn't fall apart).
. this has been very cheap and effective,
and is sure not to block sewer pipes .
. here's amazon's price for moistened tissues:
$25 Fresh N' Up Adult Moist Toilet Tissue 42*12,
-- rubbing alcohol with regular toilet papers
is vastly cheaper, and can be convenient
if you can find a pocket-sized sprayer,
such as this:
Nature's Plus` Melatonin Spray, 2 fl oz .
. recently npr talked about
commercial varieties of wet toilet paper .
. they are called moist toillets
wet toilet wipes, or flushable wipes .

nytimes.com 2012:
. among [usa] users of moist toilet paper,
54% keep the product hidden from view,
most often under the bathroom sink;
consumers who display wipes openly
tend to use them twice as frequently.
. Sales of wet toilet paper in various countries
as a percentage of all toilet paper sales:
Austria: 16%
Switzerland: 13%;
Germany: 10%
usa: 3%
Britain: 2%
[ Euromonitor International, market researcher]
muse: trying to sell things like wet wipes . 
muse: microwave.phobe testing Moist-Towelettes .

dailymail 2012`and the not-so-flushable:
. London homeowners using wet wipes
are costing water company £12m in blockages:
UK wet wipe sales rising by 15% year on year
. Thames Water spends £12 million
on clearing about 80,000 blockages a year;
and 'Unflushable' wipes cause up to
75% of those sewer blockages .
Thames Water is urging customers to switch
to antibacterial foam
sprayed onto normal toilet paper .
It has teamed up with Freshu,
whose antibacterial gel
can be squirted into ordinary toilet paper
to make it feel just like a wet wipe
and with none of the sewer-blocking dangers.
[ rubbing alcohol works too ]