National Organic Standards Board

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cornucopia.org`intro to NOSB:
When Congress passed the
Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
it included an important buffer
assuring the organic community that
we would never lose control over
the true meaning of the organic label:
a diverse 15-member stakeholder board
that had true statutory authority and power
— the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).
Big Ag was no longer fighting organics
— they wanted to own it.
And they wanted to shift the focus away from
sustainable, regenerative agriculture
and humane animal husbandry,
to models they knew and loved:
environmentally exploitative mono-cropping,
factory farm livestock production
and container ships [for off-shoring quality of life issues]
And they wanted to use many of the same synthetic ingredients,
nutraceuticals, flavorings, colors and processing chemicals
that made manufacturing processed food cost effective
and “attractive” in the marketplace.
Only this time they would add a higher profit margin
and package it in a green wrapper.
One of their Washington success stories was
stacking the NOSB with agribusiness executives
and industry-friendly collaborators.
If the spirit and letter of the organic law
had been respected
the NOSB would be comprised of
4 farmers,
3 environmentalists/conservationists,
2 public interest/consumer representatives,
2 handlers/food processors,
1 scientist,
1 retailer,
1 organic certifier.
Out of these 15 members, only 2 could be representatives of
agribusiness (food manufacturers).