remote viewers believe the future is not fixed

7.25: phi/remote viewers believe the future is not fixed:
"the future is not fixed and can change".
the remote viewers say that too;
but doesn't that contradict the Dream theory?
(it says all times exist at once).
. I've been thinking that theory implies
you can see the future;
because, all times were created at once;
however, here is my take on future-viewing:
. the universe's algorithm doesn't run twice,
it all happened if any of it happened,
but while the algorithm was running
the shared mind had not created the futures,
and when it could let us see the future
it was because it knew the algorithm
and it knew which parts we had no control over;
. it might also have the algorithm for our "free will"
and it could know before telling you of a future
that having that knowledge known
would not so change behaviors as to change the predicted future .