#Christianity could be sincere

5.5: relig/christianity/could be sincere:
. Christians are not so far out
with their idea of a son of god;
that leads to the question: "what is god?"
. god controls emotions, relationship luck,
and some parameters of weather;
so then what is Jesus ? opinions;
(the Word of the god is an opinion on
the correct way to live your life);
thus, the idea that Jesus is god
means that Jesus' words are the opinions of
what controls my emotions and luck .
. you believe the source of your luck
has opinions like Jesus .
. but Christianity has many other beliefs,
and they might be sincere encodings of the truth
or they might be meant mainly to mock
the Jewish opinions used to condemn Jesus .
. where are Christians getting the idea
that the god requires worship, obedience,
animal sacrifice, or sacrifice of a human like Jesus?
it seems part of the Christian's theory
is designed to transform Jewish theory .
. what of the idea that
Jesus died for your sins?
. supposedly sins separated you from the god,
but the god came as a human and sacrificed himself
so that a human pays the price for all human sin;
and then the god is back to living with humans .
. where are they getting this belief?
I know Jesus literally died for my sins;
because, I allow a legal system
that can give the death penalty for
those who were falsely accused
or fingered by circumstantial evidence,
because it tells prospective criminals:
even if we can't prove you did it,
there's a good chance you will pay for it .
. a system like mine occasionally kills
political activists, prophets, and others
who have offended people in high places .