no Hebrews from Egypt entered the Promised Land

4.9: 12.14: relig/bible/no Hebrews from Egypt entered the Promised Land:
. Moses would lead the people out of Egypt
but he would not be the one to
lead them into the Promised land .
. in fact, none of the Egyptian escapees
would enter the Promised land:
they raised a new generation in the desert
and only that generation would be
attempting to conquer the Promised land:

deut 31:
. Moses’ was replaced by Y’hoshua[Joshua];
they cross the Jordan river
(made dry just like the Red Sea)
and, got circumcised:
All the people who came out of Egypt
had undergone circumcision;
but those born in the waste land
on their journey from Egypt
had not been circumcised .
[ why not? is that why their god said
they weren't Chosen for the Promised Land?
or did they stop following the covenant
because they knew they weren't Chosen?]
For the children of Israel
were wandering for forty years,
till all the Egypt-born soldiers were dead,
they did not give ear to the voice of ADONAI:
whereupon ADONAI said, with an oath,
that he would not let them see the Promise land
flowing with milk and honey.
And ADONAI said to Y’hoshua[Joshua],
Today the shame of Egypt has been rolled away from you.
So that place was named Gilgal [“rolling”]
to this day.

Moses was told he couldn't enter the Promised land,
because he didn't make the Lord look good;
[Num. 20:7-13, Deut. 32:48-52]
but even before that,
he seemed scared of the Promised Land
because the spies he sent into it
said the people there were giants,
the offspring of the Nephilim [Num 13-14].