#caffeine causes liver to release glucose

12.19: web.cook/caffeine/causes liver to release glucose:
. caffeine makes your liver release sugar;
also, you can feel the brain sugar increasing
and it may come from raising cortisol
which causes insulin resistance in muscles
so they are less able to use blood sugar
thus leaving more for the brain .
. people running low on carbs still need brain glucose,
and they get it from the liver
which converts fat into sugar .
. something about caffeine is moving hormones
which in turn pulls more sugar from liver .
"the caffeine-induced increase in sympathetic activity
may stimulate endogenous glucose production" [PMC1464218];
"Caffeine ingestion has been demonstrated to
increase circulating epinephrine and norepinephrine" [8964766];
"epinephrine is a potent stimulator of gluconeogenesis
in humans" [PMC1464218].
. therefore, caffeine very likely does promote
gluconeogenesis (liver's release of glucose) in humans .